Friday, March 30, 2007

Hello Folks, Welcome to our new home for the next while...... no more bloody hostels, rucksacks, cold showers, drunken room mates.... etc, etc, etc.

Well here it is:

This, as you may have guessed, is the kitchen. It has a deadly FAN oven with gas stoves, dishwasher and microwave, Oh and a fridge.

This is the not-so-big sitting room, and thats our deadly 150 euro sofa (Thank you IKEA). Its pretty small, but we love it, ill stick up some pictures of the view over St. Kilda soon.

We are not too sure what this little room is yet? It can defo fit a mattress in so could be your bedroom if you come and visit us. Id say it could easily become a little study area with a nice desk (4 my Laptop) and a swivel chair. (My Idea) Or a boring breakfast area with a table and crappy non-swivel chairs. (Charlie's Idea)

Thats the bit between the study room and the kitchen area. Maybe a place for a nice bookshelf?

And back to the Kitchen again.......

This is our bathroom. The shower is SAVAGE, its really hot and is so powerful it hurts......... (I hate showers that just dribble water on you)

There's Charlie checking her email, We are stealing one of our neighbours wifi so we kinda have free internet (if you sit by that window!) We are getting our own soon, but its expensive to get set up so it may take a while.

One thing id like EVERYONE who checks this blog to do is send me an email telling me who you are and where abouts in the world you are (be specific)
send the emails to even if I know you well and know the answer please send an email, im tracking the amount of people checking the blog and its quite impressive how many people check it per-day. we even have people all over europe looking at it.....

Oh and one last thing, we are now 9hrs ahead of you back home, We gained an hour and you lost an hour, so instead of 11hrs, its now 9. It was very confusing for a while...

Hope your all keeping really well, we miss all of you (well most of you!!) We are very happy in our own little house,

Travelling is amazing, but right now, so is a dishwasher.....

Sean & Charlie.


alex said...

but i thought i was the only person who read muck?

alex said...

... sorry... (this) muck