Monday, March 19, 2007

Hello everyone!

Feeling a bit worse for wear today, Hungover and sun burnt!! Our day at the Grand Prix was spectacular! Here are some photos:

The Paddys day parade was cancelled this year as the F1 was on, but there was still plenty of people showing their Irish Pride!

We were up bright and early, the race didn't start till 2pm but we were at the track at 8am to get a good spot!

To keep people entertained there was loads to see before the race, Plenty of cars to gawp at, this Mustang really caught my eye.

Great number plate and a sweet set of dayton rims too!

30" Wheels...... Very practical in the outback.

Aston Martin DB4 Zagato. My all time Favorite classic car, its one of the rarest Aston Martins you can get, and it was amazing seeing it being dogged around the race track!!!

Old's Cool.

Before the main event there were a few different things on, these Legend racers were brilliant to watch especially when they crashed in front of us.

There was a huge fence between us and the track (For safety) but it made taking pictures very hard as I had to manual Focus on the cars, and when they are flying around the track it made it even harder.

It was a very long day, but it was never boring. As soon as a race finished they would have something else on to keep us entertained.

The Army were doing some crazy stuff with the Helicopters.

After the legend races it was the final round of the Carrera cup (Porsche 911's) I bloody love 911's and these are about as fast as they get.

Glorious Machines!

Again after the race we had a quick airshow, I think that's an F16?

Then this big sucker snuck up behind the crowd and flew directly over our heads, it was so low!!
We have seen a few of these over the last few months, but not quite from this angle.

We both didn't know what to expect from the Crowd, would everyone be sitting down taking it easy or jumping around going nuts? Well we were very happy to find out it was the latter! we were beside a bunch of crazy Spaniards who were singing and getting the crowd going. Then, as it turned out there were a bunch of Colombians behind us and then some Brazilians down the front, so after a while it was one big party! It was a brilliant crowd and everyone was really friendly and good spirited!

This guy looked as Irish as Bosco, but it turned out he was Brazilian!

There was a bit of Chanting between the Spaniards and the Aussies:

But the Aussies only had one Chant and they were shamed by the Spaniards every time they tried, so after a while they just came over and sang along with us!

Charlie was granted a temporary Colombian citizen by our new friends!

It was a brilliant crowd and made us realise how International F1 is.

It was nearly time for the big boys. This is the pace car, its a CLK 63 AMG tuned Mercedes. Apart from the F1 cars, this was, hands down, the most amazing sounding car of the day........

Before the race they have the drivers do a lap to wave to the crowd, this is Kimi Raikkonen, He later won the race.

This is Jenson Button, He is a very good driver, but he has a poor car this year (According to the guy beside me at the race)

For the first few laps I didnt take any pictures, I just stood there watching in Awe! I had always heard that famous sound through a TV, and to actually hear it for real was something else, We were at a great spot. We had 2 turns in front of us and a long straight behind us. I could go on and on about how fast and amazing they were but I think a Video of it would be much better:

After a while I started taking a few pictures, they are hardest things I have ever had to shoot, They are just going sooo bloody fast.

Getting slightly better.

Not bad at all, although the fence was driving me nuts.

For 2 homeless and jobless Irish Immigrants (Charlie is now officially Irish, Check out the "Lucky Charms" T-Shirt) We are living it up here in Melbourne, hopefully we will have a apartment to call our own soon so all of you lot (*not you Sash*) can come out and Visit us!


Well a combination of needing a pee and ironically another beer, I went for a bit of a wander.

Along the straight you were so close to the track you could only stand there for 2-3 mins before the noise became too much, as most people know I like loud stuff, but this was a whole other world of loudness.

got some good shots though!

I then spotted this chap, with roughly 30,000 Euros worth of "Glass" (Its what us Photographers call Lenses........) on his back, I pushed aside my lense envy and had the bright Idea to follow him......

And what did he bring me to? A bloody GAP in the poxy fence, I was very happy!!

Well, Now I had no excuse for shoddy pictures (apart from the lack of one of those fancy white lenses) but even with no fence the cars are going so fast the pictures are still a little blurry.

Not bad if I say so myself!

This is Kimi on his winning lap!! I have to admit, although all the F1 cars are special, Seeing the red of the Ferrari whizzing by is a just a bit more special.......

The Italian Ferrari fans are just plain mental aswell!

Although the "Irish" fans could give them a run for their money!!

After the race, the clean up started for the unlucky ones!! It was deadly seeing the smashed cars close up.

It was a bloody great day, The weather was savage, the crowds were brilliant, the beer wasnt too expensive. Our 1st F1, deffinatly not our last!!

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