Thursday, March 08, 2007

The countdown is ON!

Tomorrow (Friday) We leave Bangkok to fly to Singapore, then from Singapore to Sydney, and Finally the last flight for a while to Melbourne....... We should be in Melbourne late Saturday afternoon, I kinda like airports and flying, its not something you do everyday and its pretty intresting, So im looking forward to it, but Charlie is not the best with flying, So if you can wish her good thoughts then im sure she will be fine!! (Either that or ill stick a few Valium in her coffee and stick her on the luggage trolly with the bags!!)

Well, this is what our room in Bangkok currently looks like, We are going through our stuff and trying to see what to keep and what to chuck, Charlie is a hoarder while im like a Nazi, Ill get rid of anything, I nearly chucked away my packtowel the last day untill charlie made me realise that that was going one step too far.....

The last time we were in Bangkok they were just starting to paint this place, How great is that!

Well, Pretty much every day we have been in Bangkok we have been into town, Which means using the public trabsport, this is the MRT and its deadly, Cheap, fast, and super Clean.

Can you see Charlie reflected in the window......?

Sash, Thats your package!!

In Bangkok there are two extremes of shopping, the really cheap stalls that have all the (amazing) rip-offs that are nearly impossible to tell apart from the real things, and then you have the:

Fancy ass shopping Malls like this with all the real stuff in at the same price as back home (well it is a little cheaper, 7% tax as aposed to our 21%)

So, a day shopping normally starts with us doing all our shopping in the cheap place and then spending the next few hours walking around the super-funky nice malls checking out the stuff we cant afford!! I think it works very well!!

Thats the "Funny chairs" I was talking about Sash. They are kinda like sitting on a Skittle.

This is inside the Paragon shopping Centre, the most over the top ridiculous shopping centre I have ever been into, We both Love it! I dont think we have ever bought anything in any of the shops but we have probably walked around this one the most,
An example of how insane it is:
I was looking in a Watch shop and I said to the guy, while pointing to a watch

Me: "Thats a nice watch"
Guy: "No Sir, What you have on your wrist is a nice watch, This is a Precision piece of Art"
Me: *Long confused Pause* How much is it?
Guy: "1.4 Million Baht"
Me: *Does the math slowly* Holy Crap, thats 3000 euros.......... No wait, Carry the 1, Thats actually 30,000 Euros.......

I then did that thing when you try to pretend to look like your figuring out if you can afford it, Nodding your head and generally trying not to let you eye balls pop out of there sockets, I think I was still nodding at him as I walked backwards out of the shop....... Nice Watch Though


This little beauty is a Fiat Arbath, Great little Classic. (its in a Womans Clothes shop...)

Charlie Checking out the Lambo Gallardo. she was impressed

Over here in thailand, Luxury Cars have 100% Tax on them. Nasty.

My baby, the new 911 turbo.

600,000 Euros Price Tag.

Swanky Cinema time!

The Cinemas in Bangkok are really nice, Great seats and very good popcorn, but then we seen these Ultra Screens that are 12 euros a pop, So we decided to splash out!

You get your very own special lobby with free drinks and massages.

Check out the Chairs, electric Lazy boys in your very own walled area!

Charlie all Snuggled up in her blanket. Those seats are electric by the way, none of that handle crap.

How Sweet is that! Fully Streched out, cushion for my head, Shoes off under the blanket. Best Cinema Ever. Oh and the Film was deadly too!

See you in Oz.

Sean and Charlie

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