Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hello everyone,

The blog might be coming to an abrupt end, My laptop died a couple of days ago and its currently getting looked at by a Sony repair person (It was $165 for them to even look at it) It might be fixable, but I have a horrible feeling its gone forever, thank god I had everything backed up but its a real pain in the proverbial arse, especially as we have just spent a small fortune getting a phone line installed into the house and then getting broadband on top of that, both of which are 12 month contracts, so we will be paying for something we don't have access to........ sickening.

I'm sure eventually we might get a new laptop, but it wont be for a (long) while.

Anyway, I might do some small updates, but @ $5 an hour Internet cafes are an expense we could do without at the moment.

Wish my laptop well, you never know it might be fixed! if its not, we maybe putting together a "save the toast" fund.......

Sean & Charlie

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