Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello, Hello....

Well we have recovered enough from the flights that we have managed to get our bearings in this fine city of Melbourne, but before that here is us getting here.....

Here is Bangkok Airport:


Charlie doesn't like airports, and after "that" 24hrs, I'm pretty chuffed about not having to see one for a while as well.

I was soo bored in the Airport that I even tried to make check-in desks look good......

Thats the inside of a 747-400, Thanks to online check-ins we could book our seats so we picked ones at the back of a section so there was no-one behind us. Brilliant.

The in-flight films etc were deadly, episodes of CSI/HOUSE/LOST and loads of new films, Casino Royal, Rocky etc.

A few hours in and all is well. I have a thing about earphones and these ones were just crap. Its very annoying that you cant use normal earphones..... Grrr.

Sunrise over Central Australia, The views were just crazy, we were about 8 miles straight up and I just could not stop looking out the window, the landscape was so weird.

Big ass mine.

I'm guessing its a salt lake?

This made us laugh, huge Crossroads.


Sydney Airport, We were pretty worried about arriving into Oz, We had heard of people getting turned away and questioned about how much money they had. We also have no flight out of here, so that was worrying us, but it was a breeze, we just got stamped and a WHV was placed in our passports and that was that!

Sitting outside Sydney airport, enjoying the weather, It was 31' and the air was noticeably cleaner than pretty much all of Asia!!!
The only incident that happened to us on the way over was when we arrived into Singapore from Bangkok, They now scan bags when you arrive into Singapore now (They don't trust other countries scans) They called us over and asked did we have anything to declare (I resisted my urge to declare my love for 60's rock ballads) We both said no, then he started saying that we have knives in our checked-in bags, I had a small pocket lock knife and Charlie has a handmade knife that I bought her in Cambodia (Arming my Girlfriend, What was I thinking?) He then made us take them out and asked us what our plans were, We explained we were flying out in 2-3hrs to Sydney. He then took us over to the customs area and logged the knifes into a holding area till our flight was boarding, after we got a bit of food, we then had to be walked through the whole airport by security. (Who were still holding the knifes). They then escorted us to our check in gate (skipping a huge 300 person Q!!) and just told us to put the knives back in our bags. It was a joke and a total waste of time and effort, When we got to Oz, We declared the knives as Singapore had marked our bags. The Oz Customs just looked at us funny and said that its no problem.

Taken from the Southbank looking across to the central Business district.

Cafe lifestyle is pretty big over here. We wont be joining them for a while till we get sorted with an apartment and jobs!!

The city is simply stunning to walk around, Very modern buildings are side by side with very old buildings and the Art and Sculptures are everywhere.


A bit further down the river looking across to Flinders St Station (Central Melbourne Landmark)

The F1 is starting tomorrow and this bad boy was on the back of a truck just parked up!! Amazing.

Flinders St Station. Cool.

Luas? Ha Ha! The tram network is over 100 years old and is just brilliant to get around. So easy and pretty fast. Although they can sneak up on you when your crossing the road. Charlie is a little freaked out by them as they are pretty quite and can scare you when they do make a sound!

Well, to welcome us they had a huge firework display over the river!

Its actually some river festival, with a few funfair's and events all along the river.

Well, to tell the truth we have resisted the chance to go and get drunk and have loads of fun. We are on a mission to get an apartment as the hostel we are staying in is very expensive and we are sharing the room. We are hopeful as most of the people in the hostel are in the same position as us, except they seem to be drinking all night and sleeping during the day and then complaining that they don't have an apartment or a job, We hope they keep doing that as it will give us a better chance at finding a place!!

Wish us luck and we will keep you updated on how we are getting on!

Lots of love
Sean and Charlie

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