Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Sorry we have not been updating this thing, Its been pretty stressful looking for an apartment, but it has paid off as we finally got the call today and we are moving in on Thursday morning!! The relief of finally getting a place is amazing, it was really getting to us and we realise we are quite lucky to have a "gaff" because while staying in a few hostels (we are on our 3rd!) we have met people who have been here 2 months+ and are still forking out crazy money to hostels because they cant get/find a gaff.
Along with that luck we added a bit of preparation, because we don't have jobs (yet!) we bombarded the estate agents with as much info as possible, Work References, Bulging banks statements (slightly outdated!!) contact numbers for former employers and landlords. Along with this a steady number of phone calls and visits to the estate agents so they know who we are and what we look like (but not too many to piss them off!) The worst part is the waiting though, we really didn't know what way it was gonna go, we had been to viewings of apartments and 28 other people had turned up to view it, and that was mid-week, the ones on Saturdays were mobbed!! So, if the phone call today had been bad, then it was like we just stepped off the plane again, except this time with alot less money, It was a stressful time, but its a big step and its over now, so we are both very happy!

Birds over here are pretty smart, instead of eating worms and crap they fly into cafes and open restaurants and scoot around the place eating crumbs and left overs. Cheeky little feckers.....

This is our current hostel, "Cooee", its by far the nicest hostel we have been in, its a little further out from town but its cheaper and quieter than the city center one we were when we arrived, but holy crap we are dying to finally shut that door behind us and have place of our own.

As I said the waiting was getting to us so we went for a walk around a park called "The Kings Domain"

That big building is a Shrine to all the people who died in the 1st World War.

The steps really reminded me of the temples we have seen through out Asia (Especially Cambodia), I wonder what kinda people/tourists will be walking up those steps in a few thousand years?

The view from the top was pretty cool, you had the whole skyline laid out in front of you, the city on two sides, the coast to another and then the mountains to the otherside.

Above Charlies head is the sea, its not really that far from the city center, about 20 mins on a tram, by the way the trams are bloody brilliant, they are 100 years old, so the city has grown around them and they pretty much go anywhere worth going to!!


This is inside the Shrine, on the 11 of November (Remembrance day) every year a shaft of light hits a big stone in the middle of the room and travels across it.

Eh, the smart thing to do next would have been to take a picture of the stone, but I didn't so here is the roof again.....

Outside the shrine is a huge park, its very well kept and even though there is a big drought in Melbourne at the moment it looked better than a few other parks around town.

I got a little carried away with my camera and took quite a few pictures of trees, So, Eh, here they are.........

A Tree.

A Tree.

A Tree.

Its a...... (Answers on a postcard)

Charlie can only take so much of following me around taking pictures of trees, so she found a sunny spot on the steps and wished my camera to break.......

About 2 min after I took this shot, we found out we got the apartment!!

So we walked into town. The is the "southbank" of Melbourne City.

That's the Central Business District or the "CBD" to us "Melburnians"

This is our apartment building! Its a pretty old building but our apartment has been redone and is very fancy. There are only 5 apartments and we are at the top!

That's us there, we get the keys Thursday so only outside shots today! The room on the left is our sitting room and the roundy bit on the right is a small "study area" and the window on the far right is our bedroom!!

We could not be happier with it, it has loads of "old building" character but with stainless steel this and fancy shiny wood that and the amount of light coming into the place is unreal!

We hope your all keeping well and we will be back soon with inside pictures, Its not furnished so we could be sleeping in our sleeping bags on a mattress, but we kinda like that as will can make it ours over the next 12 months!!

Oh, I nearly forgot the address:

5/236 Canterbury Road

Any post would be great, postcards or even shoe box's full of money, whatever, You decide!

Lots of Love,

Sean and Charle.

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