Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St Paddys day!

We went a gig last night to see "Eagles of Death Metal", we only heard about the gig the day before and got tickets and it was a great gig, Pretty wrecked today, so we are being very un-Irish and taking it easy today, I bought Charlie a Ticket for the F1 Race tomorrow (She finished writing her CV so she deserved something nice to celebrate!!)

We have never been to an F1 race before so we are both pretty excited, Its hard not to be in Melbourne at the moment, if your within 3 miles of the track you can hear the cars, the sound is something else.

Hope your all well and if your not too hungover tomorrow, stick on the F1 and see if you can spot us!!

Oh, I nearly forgot, Go on IRELAND, I hope the feisty Italian team gives us a good match, but we should have them sown up by half time!! (I better not eat those words.......)

Sean and Charlie

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