Monday, October 30, 2006

Hello again, Sorry we have not updated this much over the last week or so, we are still in Phi Phi but, belive it or not we both have caught a cold!! Typical, its 32 degrees outside and we are both bunged up with the sniffles...... We think its from confusing our bodies with air-con, Coming in from the heat and then dropping the room temp to 20-25 degrees, its not really letting your body settle into one type of temp, so it gives up and makes you as weak as a kitten, Its kinda frustrating as we love it here but can barely make it to the beach without getting hot/cold flushes, Ive managed to get a swim in everyday, which feels really nice as its like getting into a bath, because we have been sick we are gonna stay here for another 2 nights till wednesday because there is still a few things we have not done yet. We are doing a bit of Snorkelling tomorrow on our boat trip, so if I like it I might buy a mask & snorkel because just about every beach has crystal clear water and loads of fish and cool places to check out.
There are a couple of amazing beach bars which have just amazing views out over the bays and you can see far out into the oceans, at night time you can see far off lightning storms which light up the whole area and you can spot far off islands and boats everywhere, Its a pretty cool way to spend an evening...
After Phi Phi we will be moving onto mainland thailand (for the first time) to a place called Ao Nang, which is just north of Krabi and is ment to be quite nice and chilled. Wish us luck...

Here are a few pictures:

This is actually Phuket beach, but "Stripy" was soooo happy he got to go to the beach that he wanted on the website....

We got up early one morning and went for a climb looking for a viewpoint of the island we have heard about, These steps we only about 10% of the climb, Its very high and it was very hot.

This is about half way up, behind us is ton-sai bay which is where our bungalows were, Pretty sweet huh? plus I got to try out my cameras remote control!!!!

You soon forgot about the climb up when you got to the top, the views were breathtaking and it was totally silence, we glad we got up their early as about an hour later it was covered in people taking photos, I know im not one to talk, but they seemed to be taking the photos and then not really taking in the views. Weird.

This is a closer shot of the main part of the island, its basically two long beaches with a small town in between, there are no roads, no cars, no motorbikes, just footpaths, It makes a huge difference to the island as its very quite and means very little pollution. Oh and by the way, the Tsunami went right over that slip of land and took every building with it, so everything you see is less than 2 years old.

This is the beach next to our bungalows, pretty sweet huh?

These boats are called longtails as there prop shaft is very long and sticks out the back like a tail, its used for shallow waters and beach landings, these are also the main form of transport to other islands around the area. "taxi-boat sir? taxi-boat sir??"

The path on the left is about as good as the paths get on this tiny island, most are just dust, but with views like that, even walking to the shops to buy bog roll is breathtaking........

These are our bungalows, they are very swish and are nice to sit outside at night and read a book or watch charlie getting eaten by mozzies! (anyone else this they look like the village from the new episodes of "LOST"?)

On one of those nights while reading outside, a local who works at the bungalows had caught some fish and was cooking them nearby and he dropped over two little fish to us that he had cooked, The smell was amazing and kinda reminded me of coming home after fishing with my dad when I was a kid, So I grabbed my knife and ripped the little sucker open and eat him right up.... it was soooo nice and fresh, even charlie (Who hates seafood) had some.

Not the way im used to being served fish, (thats a banana leaf by the way) but god it tasted good!! Not quite up there is a connemara salmon or Brown trout, but a close second!!

Hope everyone is keeping well, send us an email if anyone is bored at work to keep us upto date on what people are upto!

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stripy said...

Dear George, I hear that you are depressed. Snap out of it immediately! If you think YOU have problems I was put on latrines fatigues last week because my travelling companions both got Montezuma's Revenge! Then they left me sunbathing naked beneath a venetian blind and I got very bad stripy sunburn(see photo). If that wasn't enough they plonked me on a scorching hot pebble beach to have my photograph taken(again see photo)! And me with my short legs! OOOh, my nether regions!I am now walking around like a Newmarket jockey with his crystal set between parenthesis. Now I can't sleep at night as they both have colds and I might get sneezed on.
Please send me some suncream, a wide-brimmed hat, some Nivea cream for my unmentionables and some vitamines for the oldies. Thanks. Your friend, Stripy.