Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not being content with just standing outside and taking photos of my new favorite building, I found out that if you que up really early (8.30am!!) you get to go up the petronas towers and walk across the sky bridge! Well, to Charlies delight guess what we did this morning!
They take their security very seriously, so it was all X-ray machines and metal detectors first thing this morning and then a high-speed double decker lift all the way upto the "Sky-bridge"

Check this out:

The Skybridge.



Just behind the towers is a really nice park with cool fountains and this deadly waterfall that you can walk behind. Ive always wanted to walk behind a waterfall, this isnt really what I had in mind, but its a start......

Here is Charlie, looking as radiant as ever........

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Megs said...

Now thats a cool building.

George has gone into a deep depression since youve left. Well either that or his hibernating - who knows.