Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I went for a bit of a walk last night to the Petronas Towers, which are only 5 mins from the hostel here in Kuala Lumpur Now, fans of the TV Program "Megastructures" (Who isnt!!) Will be aware that the towers are big, they were infact the biggest buildings in the world till 2004 when the pesky chinese built Taipai 101. Anyway what Im getting at is that those programs dont really put across just how bloody big they are, They are fucking massive, way bigger than I had imagined, I cant really express how big they are, BIG, BIG, BIG, BIG...... Here is a photo:

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Im pretty proud of that photo, as it took me ages to get set-up and get it right, So if any one wants to see it in all its glory in full size, CLick here:

Right click and save

Here is another photo:

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Jacqui said...

Now that is a class picture Sean!!!