Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well, We have now arrived in Kuala Lumpur after spending 4 days in Singapore, I’m kind of glad to get out of Singapore, Don’t get me wrong, its an amazing city, but its a big bloody city and its not a place you can just chill out, everything cost something, we did manage to get a lot done in the time we had, We went on a cable car, went to the aquarium, a butterfly farm (In your face sash!) and my highlight of course was the Zoo, It was soooo cool, 99% of the animals were not in cages and the only thing between you and them was a big ditch, I finally got to see a Polar bear, I cant get over how big they are, its just nuts! I managed to give the biggest one a high-five (through very tough glass) He may not of actually been giving me a high-five, but for all intensive purposes, I can now say I have highfived a Polar bear. I got to see them feeding as well, eating live fish and everything. I was very chuffed! Here are a few photos:

The Butterfly farm was pretty cool, some hugh buggers in there, Charlie wasnt too impressed with the large selections to bugs and spiders too.

I think this was a bull shark, Pretty nasty looking bugger he was too.

Thats a really cool looking 2 story fish tank.

Even though it was dead and behind about 2" of plastic, charlie stood there for about 5 seconds while I took the shot,

Heres a live one!

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