Sunday, October 15, 2006

Here are a few more Pictures from Singapore Zoo:

I have totally forgotten what the hell this is called, but he was cool.

Georgeous Lion.

Some bird giving me the eye (Dont tell charlie!)

Same georgeous Lion again.

A Polar Bear! His Name is Inuku, Which means Silent Stalker!

Charlie feeding a very friendly Elephant.

Before Logging was made illegal in Thailand, this is what they used to do.

Inuku again.

Inuku's mother Sheba

Bengal Tiger, I was pretty sure he was gonna jump the gap and kill me........

Unknown bird just walking around the zoo.

Just about to get feed by the keepers, they eat 30KG of meat a day.

A Spitting Cobra, I tried to get it to move for about 10mins, charlie wonders over and bobs her head at it and the thing goes nuts, spitting at the glass and rising up, very cool.

Sheba having a rest.

The bears are huge, about 3M tall!

I bought a new lense..... Only messing, some sound bloke walked upto me and just said "You have to have a go with this" and handed me his 9000 Euro lense, I felt bad letting my lense see it on my camera.... Pretty sweet though.

Reticulated Python. Fucking Massive.

Inuku going in for a kill on a fish......

Look how big they are!!!!

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alex said...

great to see you're making the most of your time away.

butterfly farm.... *guffaw*

when you get to thailand be sure to check out the national beetle conservatory. you'll love it.

haw haw

what's the deal - you never responded to my heartfelt and sincere apology mail... how could you still hate me?