Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hello everyone,
I am very excited as tomorrow we have our second guest coming to stay with us! My sister Jacqui!! She is over here for a month (a week of which she is spending in New Zealand!) and I have managed to get 2 weeks off work, so we are planning to see loads around Melbourne (and maybe a bit further?) but we will probably be so busy doing stuff that a blog update would be out of the question, so I thought I'd chuck one together to keep you happy!!!!

This cheeky little chap cheers me up in the morning on the way to work!

Myself and Charlie had a day off with each other and decided to go for a walk through the city center, it was nice and sunny so I thought id take the camera.

The city center is a cool mix of old buildings and newer ones, when I say old, they are not really that old, seeing as Australia (as we know it) is only a couple of hundred years old.

It reminds me of the old joke: Whats the difference between a yogurt and Australia? A yogurt has had a chance to develop a culture!! (Sorry to any of my Aussie mates reading this, it's payback for all the Irish jokes!)

A tram and a tall building.

Two new tall buildings and an "old" building.

Now its my 27th birthday on the 16th November, if there are any rich feckers out there reading this, I am not asking for much, just about €25,000 for a classic Porsche 911. I'm in no rush, when I get home will be fine. In case your looking, just check out, here's one I just happen to have taken a shine to: Click Me

Right, back to the present day. This is the view from my tram stop when I change trams on the way to work, not bad eh?

Old school theater entrance with the little ticket booth in the middle. Nice.

Some little arcade in amongst the lanes in Melbourne......

Between the main roads are these cool little lanes that have cool cáfes and independent shops.

This massive tower is actually in one of the many shopping centers in Melbourne city Center, right at the very bottom of it is a shop called "The Irish Shop", we didn't go in there as I'm sure it would have made me very homesick......... ;->

This is St. Kilda Sea baths, its a really nice place on the water front (I'm guessing you could have figured that for yourselves) but it used to be a nightclub with a pretty bad reputation: Bojangles. Made famous in the film Chopper, where Sammy the turk gets shot in the carpark. (nice bit of useless trivia for you!)

That's looking back up towards St. Kilda from the Pier.

Its a nice place for a walk and is always pretty busy when its sunny.

This is the Kiosk at the end of the pier, its a really nice place and has great views of the bay.

Now it wouldn't be a blog update without me complaining about something petty and pointless, well all has been well for the last while so I had to go back to something that happened a while ago....... (Notice the mangle, what was I thinking???)

Anyway, remember that 2 day boat trip that was hell on earth for me (which equates to being slightly uncomfortable in normal peoples terms) well the legs in the above photo are Charlies and as you can see she is squashed............

And that's my leg, I spent 11 hours like that. It was tough.
Just think of Charlie though, she was stuck beside me, having to listen to me whine on about how uncomfortable I was. So the moral of the story is, when times get tough, just think of how tough Charlie has it having to put up with me..............

Now, this little fashionista was struggling to open her little box of juice so I just had to help her. She was a little dubious of me, but once she was sucking on her drink she was one happy little girl.

How cute is she! the box of juice is bigger than her head!

Right, Jacko is here tomorrow so the next update should be a good one with all the stuff we are gonna do over the next couple of weeks!!

We also wanna wish good luck to Henry, Michelle, Gugs and Brian Fitz who are dotted all over Asia at the moment traveling and having a blast by the sounds of things.

Lots of love to Everyone

Sean & Charlie.

PS. I also need to send a BIG SEAN HUG to Sash who is keeping check on things back home while we are away. Lots of love to you Sasha from both of us! You Rock!

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Sasha said...

Ah, you big softie, Thanks! Id love a BIG SEAN CUDDLE right now! Hope you have fun with your sis. Lots of love right back at ch'ya!!