Monday, October 01, 2007

Howdy Doody folks,

Its been a year since we left, I could bore you with saying how fast its gone and all the things we've seen, but I thought id just stick up loads of photos!

This is Charlie trying out a really cool chair (although it was very uncomfortable!) in the garden of the Melbourne Gallery, where we went to see the Guggenheim collection last week. It was really cool to see some Jackson Pollack and Andy Warhol paintings up close.

Random photo subject change......

This is the view from our Tuk Tuk in Cambodia while we were traveling around the Angkor Temples.....

luckily we had scarfs with us, so we could actually breath and speak to each other in the dust.......

And obviously look really cool....... Notice the white T-shirt, didn't stay white for long.

A quick stop for petrol. Its a pretty pimped out Tuk Tuk if I say so myself. The sole reason we choose this driver (who's name was Hann) was that he had the smilyest smile out of all the drivers trying to get us to hire them for the 3 days around Angkor.

The Legendary Honda 50. It was a mainstay of every country we visited, whether it was carrying 6 people and 10 chickens, or 350kgs of ice, The best was definitely the guy driving along with 3 huge pigs (who were alive) upside down across the back.... madness.

Me looking pretty chuffed after climbing up a hill to see a ruin which was under a river. please forgive the hat, it was covered in insect repellent and was keeping me safe from the bugs!

I nearly dropped my camera into the river taking this shot, I would not have been impressed. looks cool though.

This was taken at the last temple we visited on the 3rd day, it was pretty quite and was a really nice way to finish up, it was called Banteay Samré.

Not a whole lot left of this guy, nice flowers though.

This was sunrise on the last day @ Phnom Bakheng, it was pretty spectacular, well worth getting up at 4.45am.

I know, I know, its a fantastic beard. Thanks.

Subject Change: This is Bells Beach. Charlie got to go on a road trip with work and got to see it, A lot of people know it from the final scene from the film "Point Break", but it actually turns out they shot that scene in L.A as it was too expensive to fly everyone over. So there.

To everyone who will visit us soon, Jacqui, Gugs, Henry and Michelle. I hope you like stairs as this is what you have to climb to get up and down from our apartment.

its a real bitch when you forget something just as you get to the bottom.

Pixar. This exhibition has been on for weeks and we have been saying we were gonna go for ages, so when we finally got a day off together we jumped at the chance.

I see this when I look at every Porsche, they always look at me with puppy dog eyes saying: "Buy me, rob a bank and buy me......"

An Oscar. Charlie was not impressed as she thought it looked "cheap".

Charlie and myself.

This is the 96 tram on Fitzroy St. in St. Kilda. Its the main tram we would get into the city center.

This is the 112, We get this to work every morning, it takes a bit longer than the 96, but its nearly empty, so its easy to get a seat and we can relax and read our books on the way to work. (we get trams at different times, we don't ignore each other on the tram!)

The Prince of Wales on Fitzroy St. This is the venue where most of the gigs we have been to were at.

Dodging Trams.

Laughter Clubs. I had never heard of them before. A mate told us they are just a group of people (who don't really know each other) who turn up at a set time/place (like above) and try and make each other laugh by doing weird/crazy stuff. You cant stand and watch them unless you do something too. Pretty cool stuff.

this is the park along the beach, when we arrived here all the grass was dead and it didn't look that nice, but its looking much better now.

Its a really nice park, its pretty big and has public BBQ's which is a great idea for the summer.

There are still pretty heavy water restrictions in Melbourne and as its coming into summer, id imagine they are gonna get worse.

St. Kilda beach, It reminds me of Salthill in Galway, except its sunny and hot.

Boring Fact: This is my bench that I go and sit on while waiting for my clothes to finish in the launderette.

This is what I watch while sitting on my bench, crazy kite surfers whizzing across the bay!

That's a pretty big kite.

I don't know how the people who designed this building actually sat down and agreed that they were happy with it, let alone place it right on the beach front? Nasty.

Now, in the last small update I had some butterfly photos, well here are some more.

A very handy Shaft of light, made this one look great!

A very gloomy photo to leave you with. About as gloomy as I was after staying up till 6am watching Ireland getting kicked out of the World Cup. I don't know what happened, but god they fell apart.

Anyway, I hope your all really well and enjoying what ever your doing.

Lots of love
Sean & Charlie.

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