Friday, November 09, 2007

Hello everyone!

Its been nearly a week since Jacqui arrived and we have been having a blast, here are a few photos (well actually loads of photos) of what we have been up to,

Me and my Sister!!!
This is us on St. kilda Pier on Jacqui's 1st day, I was getting pretty worried about the weather as for about 48hrs before she arrived it has been raining solid, there were huge flash floods and everything, but Jacqui's first day was sunshine all the way, and its just been getting hotter everyday!!!

Jacqui outside Luna Park.

Day 2, Our 1st Australian BBQ!! It was Cup day in Melbourne (kinda like race week in Galway) so it was a public holiday and we spent the day down by the beach with our mates drinking and cooking meat..... aaaahhhhh, not a bad way to spend a day in November.

This is Anna and Dane, they work with Charlie and live around the corner from us and it was their BBQ.

This is Dylan (also works with Charlie) doing his best Johnny Knoxville impression

Sunshine, BBQ and beers............ (I may have a drinking problem)

Charlie loving the sunshine.

Anna. Anna is close to impossible to photograph. she has like a 6th sense of when to turn away from a camera, but I got her!!

We decided to take it easy the next day and go for a walk around the Botanic gardens, this is actually the 1st world war memorial just outside the gardens.


To walk around the gardens is totally free, which is great as they are huge and its such a great place to relax, once your inside the walls, its hard to imagine that your still in the city center.

Myself and Jacqui.

Myself and Charlie in the rose garden.

One of the many greens looking over the lake.

Trees and stuff.

Nice pretty flowers.

Not so pretty flowers.

Me and my sister!!

The lake again.

Big fecking tree.

Charlie and Jacqui.

We stopped for a drink beside the lake and this very enterprising bird was breaking away from his normal diet.....

Cool Orb.

Now after the nice relaxing day in the park we went for a walk along the river. That's a pretty tall building.

Its called Eureka tower. Its actually the tallest building in Melbourne.

So we decided to go to the top floor to the viewing level.

Now, for all of you that don't know, my sister has a massive fear of heights.

So she was shit scared up here, even though we were very safe in the building.

If the truth be known, I was actually a bit shaky up there!

They even had an outside bit, but it was fecking freezing out there!

That's looking out towards Port Philip Harbor.

Now, I had heard about an extra thing you can do while up on the viewing deck, its called "The Edge" Now, the original plan was to just get Jacqui to do it without telling her what was going on, but boy am I glad I fessed up beforehand and told her, but It actually turns out that I wasn't 100% correct on what was going to happen and managed to scare myself as well.

This is a view of the outside of the top of the tower I took a few days after. I was told that you walk out into that room which protrudes from the building (the little box bit) and the floor, walls and ceiling are all frosted over and then they go clear and your left standing in a clear glass box 300m above the street below.

Well that's us in that glass box!!! The bit that I had misunderstood was that you get into the box, and then the box actually starts moving out from the building........... The look on my sisters face was priceless. 100% Fear with a few screams and profanities just for good measure. Brilliant stuff!!!

Afterwards we needed a stiff drink so we went for a few drinks along the river!

The next day we went up to the Queen Victoria Market for a bit of a look around.


It had loads of stuff from clothes to food and everything in between.

The fruit and Veg was out of this world, such crazy colours and smells.

Everything seemed to be much bigger too.

It definitely puts the Galway market to shame.

We were bowled over by the price as well, it was sooo cheap compared to what we pay in local shops. they maybe more convenient but if I were bringing up a few kids, the market is where I would be buying our fruit and Veg.

After a tough day of going shopping in the market, we decided to take things easy by spending the evening on the beach (with a few beers to really relax)

St. Kilda Seagull.

Where did we go the next day?

To the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo, Zoo......... I love Zoo's I get a chance to photograph cool things and see deadly animals!

A kangaroo looking very relaxed and quite human like.

A Koala bear. Now these dudes are cool, they are so soft looking and cuddly.

I was expecting them to be staying still and hard to get photos of but they were actually pretty active and jumping around the place. Jacqui wanted to stick this one in her bag and take him home, and if i wasn't there I think she just might have!

A Tiny Penguin doing a little waddle!

I forget this guys name....... I think it was Jeff.

Otters rock.

I didn't realize just how small meerkats are, they are cool though.


A big bull Elephant throwing dirt on his back to cool down (It was a pretty hot day)

A Sumatran Orangutan.

A big cuddly wuddly lion.

A gorgeous Tiger.

I was trying to only put up one photo per animal, but I think he deserves a 2nd one (plus I'm proud of this photo.)

When I was taking shots all day I was just basically pointing the camera at the animal and making sure it was on the right settings, but when I zoomed into this guy, he turned his head and looked straight back at me, he was certainly a very cool customer.

This is a Snow Leopard. Normally found high up in the mountains or Nepal, Mongolia and Afghanistan amongst other countries. Its one of the only Snow Leopard in captivity and was a real treat to see.

We are going on a road trip on Tuesday along the Great Ocean Road for a few days, so check back next week for what we got up to!!!

Hope you enjoyed this update!

Sean, Charlie and Jacqui.

*cough* My 27th birthday is on 16th November, I like porsches. *cough*

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