Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello one and all....

Well Jacqui left yesterday and she should be arriving home sometime today (Thursday). We had a ball while she was here and she was a great addition to our motley crew over here......

This is, Quite literally "The Great Ocean Road" (GOR)

But let me go back to the start. This is the house and car I rented off a good mate in work. This is in a place called Point Lonsdale that is about 2hrs outside of Melbourne on the way towards the GOR, we decided to rent this for 3 nights, so on the first day myself, Charlie and Jacqui drove down to point lonsdale.

Straight up G's. (even a little blue elephant and certain stripy bear got in on the action)

woolly telling Jacqui a filthy joke.......

This is Point Lonsdale.

Pretty sweet little beach.

Nice huh?

Now, we didn't know what we to expect when we came into Point Lonsdale, it was really just to be used as a base to drive down to the GOR from. Well lets just say it wasn't the most happening little town in Australia........

I think that sign sum's it up quite nicely.

But that didn't stop us from getting crazy in the local kids playground........

Extreme Swinging. You get the picture, swing as high as you can and let go and you fly forward and land and everyone thinks you're really cool. (click on the picture, its worth it, you can see the real terror in my eyes as I realize I must be at least 4ft off the ground!!)

Except I hung on a little too long and instead of going forward, I just went straight up and straight back down and landed on my tooshie. Much to the amusement of a little 6yr old who screamed: "Ha Ha Ha, that guy fell, look he fell!!!" (x 4 times) It was time to leave Point Lonsdale.

Just outside PL was a little sanctuary that looked after injured animals and also let you pet and interact with Koala bears like this little sucker above!

Now, Koala bears look like they are the softest things in the world, but holy crap they are much softer than I could have imagined. This one was very friendly and smelled of gum leaves.

Charlie and Jacqui.

Can you tell that I'm nervous about Jackie using my good camera?

That ladies and Gentlemen (and Sash) is Bells beach just outside of Torquay. Its considered to be one of the best surfing beaches in Australia and is home to the world's longest running surfing competition, "the Bells Beach Surf Classic"

Now, most surf beaches are not really good for swimming and a lot are quite dangerous (anyone who knows me, knows where this is Heading....) Bells has no Lifeguard and has signs warning against swimming there.

Yup, thats me. Sorry Mum, but it had to done.

Fecking Seagulls would not leave us alone as we ate our fish and Chips,

but we had fun feeding them once we had our fill. Now at the end of the first day we went back to Point Lonsdale to get some sleep. Charlie was unfortunately working, so early the next day we dropped her to a nearby train station to go back to Melbourne, it was a real shame that she could not come with us as working when you know your friends are having fun is never fun, but such is life. **fingers crossed for a lotto win**

So with a full tank Jacqui and myself set off down the Great Ocean Road.

Jacqui is scared of heights. So when driving around corners like this, she would grip the armrest and go very quiet. It was kinda nice actually. (only messing sis!)

This is Split Point lighthouse. If anyone remembers an Australian kids show called "Round the Twist", well this is that light house. For some reason that made me really happy.

Apollo Bay.

This place was a really, really cool little seaside town.

Jacqui enjoying a nice "Gelato" (dairy free Ice cream) She is laughing at the hat I just bought to stop my head getting burnt. (I have an odd shaped head and most hats look weird on me)

It's a really long beach in a sheltered bay with some beautiful mountains in the background.

I love this picture.

This is Cape Otway lighthouse, its on one of the most southernly points of mainland Australia.

This is Jacqui up the Cape Otway lighthouse. Not bad for someone who's scared of heights.

These two likely lads were not scared of the heights though. Tough as nails.

Not the kinda sign you wanna see when you're walking around in open toed shoes.

A Koala in the wild.

Well we had gotten as far as Port Campbell and decided it was the kinda place we wanted to stay for the night, so we did. Just in case we have any car fans out there, that really is a 1989 Ford Lazer 1.6L, she was a serious beast of a car, but I was man enough to handle her through the twisty stuff.

This was our little cabin, I had a bunk bed while (Queen) Jacqui had the bedroom. Typical big sister move.

After getting our cosy little cabin sorted, we headed out to catch the sunset, and it was stunning!!

A round of applause for Jacqui for getting that close to the edge of what was a bloody high cliff. (even if she did scoot over on her bum)

The views were nothing short of breath taking and the setting sun made them look all the better.

Me very close to the edge, the waves in the background were the biggest waves I've ever seen with my own eyes. They were the size of a 2 story house, but useless for surfing as they were breaking on a cliff face.

Its not only the sheer size of the cliffs, its just how many there are, they just keep on going up the coast. Madness.

A happy Jacqui.


As we walked back to the car from the cliff edge we saw this little cove with the coolest pristine beach at the bottom of it. Very cool.

Another secluded little beach on the other side.

We walked around to the top of the little cool cove to have a look and found to our delight that there were steps leading down to that little pristine beach.

As the sun had just set, we had the entire cove & beach to ourselves, now without wanting to sound like a soppy prick, it was a seriously cool moment walking on that beach. After being very disappointed on seeing the beach from the film "The Beach" in Thailand, this place has more than made up for it. It was simply stunning.

Well thats the end of Day 2.

Stay tuned for more!

Lots of love Sean & Jacqui.

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