Thursday, February 14, 2008


Last Wednesday was my last day in work!!! Its such a great feeling walking out of work, knowing your have the next few months off and you have a new adventure in front of you....... New Zealand!!!

This is my lovely shop that I helped run, which I've spent a huge amount of time in over the last year, selling computer games!!

I really enjoyed it and it was pretty stress free, apart from angry mothers looking for bloody Nintendo Wii's and us being sold out since about mid December...........

The only other down-side I can think of is, it was 1hr away on 2 trams...... but that just means I get to listen to my Ipod and read my book!!

This is the underground carpark..... Yup, just a car park.

This is (sorry, was) my tram to work, the good old 109!! I wont miss it! Well, thats enough of that, onto something I will miss about Melbourne

The great concerts we have been to! This was 2 weeks ago, Myself and Charlie had tickets for ages, but gugs didn't buy them in time and they were sold out...... but a few minutes outside the venue and he got himself a ticket for face value!! Sweet!

We have seen them a few times before but, LCD Soundsystem are amazing live and have gotten better since the last time we saw them @ Electric Picnic 2005.

Mr. James Murphy

Nancy Whang.

Phil Skarich

It was a great gig and we got right up the front again so Charlie could see!!

After that trip down to Philips island a few weeks ago when myself and gugs went karting (I won by 0.3 second) we decided it would be fun to go again to a closer track that had much faster karts....

It was a pretty big track and the karts were unrestricted 75kmph beasts!

Charlie came with us this time and she was seriously fast!!

We did a 35min session and afterwards we were shattered, literally drenched with sweat!

Different Cars, Different Track and im still faster than gugs by 0.3 seconds!!!! and I also got the fastest lap of the day!!! We are going again before we leave Australia so we will let you know how we got on!!

A different size track now..... this is the beautiful Albert park right beside our place, well actually its now being turned into the F1 track for the race in march, so myself and gugs went for a walk around the park to see how it was going!

Looking down the start/finish straight. This is still a public road so you can drive right around the track.

The Pits, where we are standing is the pit wall where most of team heads sit and watch the race on their screens!!

Security is obviously pretty low as this is a freshly painted pit garage wide open for anyone to walk into!! give it a month and there will be some very fancy cars sitting right there!

The pit building.

Tyre tracks from last year. This track is only used once a year as its a park the rest of the time, only Monaco and the Canadian Grand Prix are like this.

Number 1 pit!

Its not been painted yet, but its the start/finish line!

End of the pit lane and the stands.

The track is over 5km long.

and myself and gugs walked the whole thing!!

Not many cycle lanes on F1 tracks id say.

and back to the pit entrance!

We will be leaving Australia on the 6/03/08, 10 days before the race. I would love to go again, maybe sometime in the future?? It was really cool seeing and walking around the track before all the crowds arrived and its not everyday you get to walk the pits of an F1 track!

To say kite-surfing is big in St. Kilda would be an understatement.

They have pretty much taken over one of the 2 beaches in St. Kilda and when the wind is right the place is packed!

I still don't know how they don't get all tangled up when whizzing up and down the foreshore!!

Charlie enjoying the sunshine!

Well, as I have said we are both finished work and our flights to New Zealand are booked, so its now just a matter of cleaning out the house and getting our deposit back as well as claiming back our taxes so we can actually afford to do stuff in New Zealand! The plan is for the 3 of us to buy a camper van when we arrive in Christchurch in the south island and just drive all the way around and up to Auckland where we fly out of at the end of April/early may, so we should be back in Ireland around the 1st week in may totally 19 months away from home...... Gulp!!!

Lots of love
Sean, Charlie & Gordon!

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Jeebus... I never knew you could leave comments... I feel pretty thick now considering I browse this weekly! It loooks like ye are all set, hope you have an awesome time in NZ, keep up the good work brother!