Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello!!!!! Happy New year to each and every one of you!

I must apologise for the length of time between updates, its down to a few things:


Irish Friends.

and of course the Fucking heat. This was New years day. It has gotten up to about 47' a few times, but anything over 38' is taking the piss really. I know, I know your all sitting at home with 4 jumpers on waiting for the immersion to heat up so you can have a warm shower, but its cold showers on days like that over here!!

but enough of the complaining as I would not have changed a thing, spending Christmas and New years with everyone was brilliant fun, even in our tiny apartment. This is pre-NYE drinks with Henry, Charlie, Gugs and Quentin. You would think that we would have loads of photos from NYE, but eh, most of the other photos either didn't come out or were less than flattering and even some were down-right incriminating.

So after a few days recovering, everything was back to normal in Hotel Canterbury.

The Motley Crew. Gugs, Myself, Charlie, Michelle, Henry.
One person who was sorely missed was a certain Ms Sasha Taylor. It would have brilliant to have her over here with us all, but alas it was not meant to be, although we did get to see her quite often through the wonderful technology of video calling through skype. She did how ever have a great idea for a Christmas present for us all.

She paid for us to go out and have a nice meal with a few bottles of nice wine! Nice one Spa face.

The Lads. It would have been a nice shot, if guggles didn't shut his eyes!!

It may not be clear from the photo, but this is us all cheering Sasha for feeding us!

Such great pasta!!

Oooo, Strawberries and Ice Cream. What a total Gaylord.

As Sash was paying the table was literally packed with food, so when I moved a menu, I spilt my Pinot all over my lap..... Im such an idiot.

"So, who has the money sash sent over..............?"

Well, it was a great way to finish up the festive season, and seeing as we didn't manage to spend all the money on the food (god, we tried though!) we splashed out on some sham-pag-nay, I'm not really a fan of Champagne but this stuff was tasty!! Thanks Sash!

After Henry and Michelle left to continue on there travels, it was just myself, Charlie and Gugs in the house. Myself and Charlie obviously had to go back to work, so what do you think gugs did to entertain himself while we were slaving away, bringing home the hard earned money to put food on the table?

Yup, He played guitar hero on my PS3. To people not in the know (Normal people) Guitar Hero is a computer game where you play along with to a classic song on a small plastic guitar. Uh huh.

In fairness to him he has been very active, This is him having his first Kite-Surfing lesson on St. Kilda beach. Anyone who knows gugs, knows he loves his kites, so obviously the next move was to combine it with surfing!!!

For anyone who is picturing him on the beach with one of those small diamond shaped kites and a single string........... Check out that sucker!! Not your average kite and not for the faint hearted!!!

I was only down for his first lesson and didn't get too many shots as having a zoom lens on a public beach is frowned upon as they think you are taking sneaky photos of girlys.

Just across the road from our house is Albert park, which is currently being turned into the F1 track for the race on march 16th (doesn't seem like that long ago we were at that race, does it?) Anyway myself and gugs went for a wander and found this dodgy council half pipe and decided to have a go on my skateboard!!

While I was getting to grips with the ramp, gugs got out his kite for a bit of fun.

Skateboarding was hard, so I joined gugs and had a blast with the kite!

I've tried to talk to him about the bandanna, but to no avail. I suppose its sun safe.

Kiting is a blast, and he has since had 2 more lessons kite surfing and has been up on the board whizzing across the bay!!

Big Ramp, Little me.

Gugs getting all X-games on it!

Going for the glory......... Only messing, I just wanted to see just how high it was. It was VERY high.

The ramp is made from metal, so when my inevitable fall came, not only did it hurt but I got a serious shock because the ramp was bloody hot, not just warm, I'm talking burning hot like when you pick up a tray that has been out of the oven for a few minutes and you assume it has cooled down, but it hasn't. That kinda hot. So when I was trying to get up, it looked like I was having some sort of fit as I could not touch the ramp with my hands, so I "gracefully" rolled to the edge.

Eat your heart out Tony Hawk. OK, after while I realised I wasn't going to be pulling flips, so I got bored......

So we combined the 2 sports of the day... Skate-Kiting

You saw it here first!

Probably not a real banksy stencil, but cool none the less.
Well that was our day in the park!

Last Saturday myself and gugs borrowed a car from my mate Josh in work for the day and we headed down to Philip Island, home of the fairy penguin!!

To cut a long story short, we didn't take a map and went slightly off the beaten track(thats man-talk for "we got lost"), so instead of taking 1.5hrs, it took just over 4hrs to get down there but we had a blast on the way, so it wasn't a wasted day!

When we did get down there, we were kinda underwhelmed by the place, so instead of doing the tourist things, we just had a couple of sessions on the go-karts, which were brilliant fun as the track was a replica of the moto gp track they have down there, Im not normally a very competitive person, but when I get in a go-kart something flips in my brain and I have to be the fastest and I become very aggressive, even when I was passing a father and his young son in a slow tandem kart, it was like I was over taking Schumacher on the last corner of a grand prix, including the evil glare to the kid who was about 5yrs old...... Needless to say we are going to a nearer go-kart track this Friday, and Charlie is coming along this time to challenge us lads.

Well, that's it for a while, myself and Charlie are finishing work on the 14/02/08 and will be leaving Australia on the 6th march to head onto New Zealand!! we are planning to do a bit of cool stuff between the time we finish work and leave (the great ocean road is being done again with gugs and Charlie this time!!!) so expect a few more updates soon enough!! we also have a couple of concerts coming up too, (LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture) so expect a few gig shots aswell!

Lots of love
Sean, Charlie & Gugs.

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