Saturday, March 01, 2008

How ya!

Oh what a way to spend a day!!! A BBQ down along the river yarra in the city

My kind of BBQ! (The Veggie BBQ was next to this meat feast!)

The Veggie versus the Carnivore! "Imy and Tara"

The crowd waits impatiently to be fed.......

Turns out these free public BBQs run on electricity and are not really the best, but we made the most of it! Id imagine if these were in Ireland, they would last about a week before they were destroyed......

Gugs licking his lips!!

Melbourne Skyline from the Yarra.

The long drunken walk home!! Good day.

A few days later myself, Charlie and Anna popped along to the Melbourne Gaol (Jail)

Its a museum now and its a really cool place.

Its a pretty creepy place with obviously a serious history.

Ned Kelly was hung here.

Here is his Death mask, its pretty gruesome, after they hang them they chop off the head and make a "Death Mask"

The Gallows are just at the end of the row of cells, so when your time came everyone would see.

They are just at the end of this row of cells

I've slept in worse.....

I could not imagine what it would be like to spend year after year in a place like this.

These 2 mental cases deserve to be in the padded cell!

Now, a question to any motor heads who read this, what's the fastest car on the road?

A Rental! This is a 2007 Ford Falcon, kinda boring I hear you say, looks like a mondeo?

There is a slight difference though. This has a 4.0L Turbo Charged Engine........

and a big boot for our road trip down the Great Ocean Road!! Charlie didn't go all the way down last time and gugs wanted to go, so we splashed out on a nice rental for 4 days and got on our way!!

Gugs at the helm of the beast! She was a very comfy cruiser, nice stereo and big enough that if any of us had an argument, they could go and sulk in a corner......

Myself and Guggles at Bells beach. Notice the standard bloke poses, Gugs going for the nonchalant lean, I've gone for the "make your chest look bigger" stance.........

We resisted a swim this time and just chilled out and watched the surfers. Come to think of it, it was a Tuesday morning, why they hell were they not at work? Bloody hippies!

Gugs practices his poker face, I've tried to explain it doesn't matter when playing online but he never listens to me.

The waves were not massive, but they were making the most of them!

"Its a Tuesday, Get a job!"

Myself and Charlie enjoying the sunshine!

Gugs and Charlie @ the "round the twist" lighthouse

Koalas in the wild! Charlie took these shots!

"leave me alone or i'll crap on you!"

The landscape all along the road is stunning, most of the road is along the coast, but some of it is in-land.

We really thought we were pimping it in our massive comfy car........

but someone always has to go one better, yup that's a single family's "camper" pulling a trailer with a big 4x4 jeep on it....... Legend!

Enjoying sunset on day one!

Watching the waves smashing against the cliffs with the sun setting. I have to give a big shout out to Jacqui who I enjoyed this very view with last November, was thinking of you when I was retracing our steps, it's just as beautiful the second time! Can't wait to see you sis!

Charlie and Gugs enjoying a beer at sunset. (I was driving and was on lolly pops)

Views like this make photography too easy!

Drinking at the edge of a massive cliff, Seemed like a good idea at the time.......

As I was not drinking I decided to try a few artsy shots. What do you think? You can leave comments on here if you want. (I can also delete them....)


Another one of my Artsy shots.

Charlie after a few beers decides that I should be pushed over the cliff.....

Gugs walking onto the beach at Loch Ard Gorge. Myself and Jacqui discovered this place last November and it still is the nicest beach I've ever seen.

Charlie taking it all in. End of Day one.

When we got up early the next day it was cold and raining, so we headed to a near-by town called "warrnambool" to get some food and just have a look around, after it cleared up we headed back to the 12 Apostles.

Not Ideal weather but still stunning!

Stripy and Woolly both loved being out of Melbourne, although Woolly has a tough time keeping under the speed limit when it's his time to drive.


We had heard that around dusk, Fairy penguins (The smallest penguins in the world) come in from a hard day in the Ocean onto this beach and nest for the night.

So we stood there for about 2hrs waiting for any signs of them, we were about to give up when......

These tiny little buggers all rode a wave onto the sand and scurried up the beach!! Sorry for the picture quality, but that's with my largest lens on a tripod, they were very small and far away and it was nearly dark. End of Day 2.

So we left Port Campbell early the next day with Charlie in control, Charlie is a good driver, but god does she speed and pull handbreakers at every given chance, a total lunatic......... Only messing, she's great, she drives like a guilty priest.

Cape Otway lighthouse.

Charlie went and got a coffee, so myself and Gugs finally got a moment alone........

This is the Otway Fly Tree-top walk.....

You have seen the photos from up high before so ill just stick up a few from the ground.

That's a big Beech!! Gugs and Charlie looking nice and relaxed, don't you just hate it when someone trys to pull a funny face or trys one of those dreadful "funny" pose photos.......

Oh......... Only messing Gugs, that's Hilarious.

A quick road side stop to enjoy the view and then it was back on the road to Melbourne, with maybe a quick stop at the Koala sanctuary!

How cute is that? Its a baby Wombat.

A Gorgeous Koala, Normally they are very dozy, but this one was super alert and was loving the attention! It kinda looks like she is posing for the photo.........

If the keeper didn't have such a good grip on her, Charlie would have been gone like a shot with her......

Bigger Wombat, very cool dudes, although they can get a bit of temper if you annoy them.

Dingo, likes babies supposedly.

I want one.......

This fecker was striking at the glass when you bent down to it, nasty little thing. The keeper got bitten by it a few weeks back and his hand is just about healed now.

Feeding time! That's a dead mouse by the way.

Oh, it was just disgusting the way it was just stuffing its food into its mouth, it didn't even bother to chew, makes me sick...........

"What?" The end of the Great Ocean Road trip!! I have left out a few juicy bits in case the car rental company see this, like my drifting attempt that went slightly wrong (I'd like you to try and drift a car that size!) and my last minute illegal dash up the wrong way (through a red light) to get the car back in time before rental company charged me for another day...... but putting details like that on a public website would be stupid..........

The Footy Season hasn't started but there are a few pre-season warm ups on, so myself, Gugs and a few of the lads when to see St. Kilda play (and beat) Essendon at the Telstra Dome.

We got pretty good seats and I managed to remember most of the rules from the last match I was at with Charlie and Nick last year.

The crowd wasn't massive as it was just a warm up, around 26,000 in attendance.

It was a great laugh and it was great timing as it would be the last time gugs would get a chance to see an AFL game.

Well, Our time in Australia is running out, tomorrow is our last full day as we fly out to New Zealand early on the 6th, our apartment looks like a bomb site:

Those 2 boxes are getting shipped back home, and should hopefully be back home in Galway in 8-10 weeks.

It's going to be weird to be back living out of our rucksacks, but it's about time we got on the road again. Australia was really cool, not what I expected (for better and worse) but we will be back to see all the other places we didn't get to see this time. For Sure.

So it's over and out from the Australian Blog head quaters.

Lots of love
Sean & Charlie & Gugs.

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