Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update with a few photos from the last week or so,

Our tiny apartment has a few new inhabitants, Gugs, Henry and Michelle, Personally I feel for Michelle who has to put up with the smell combination of Henry/Gugs.

We said we would do it, and we did! A BBQ down the beach on Christmas day, It doesn't get much better than this!!

Well, not quite on the beach, but just as good but without all the fecking sand in your food.

Charlie and Michelle made some SAVAGE Chicken Skewers, Don't tell anyone but I ate about 4 while cooking them......

Our Crew.

Charlie and myself. (with my Christmas T-shirt on!)

Charlie hits the booze.

Michelle gets her eat on. Henry and herself went all out on the clich├ęs and had some Shrimp on the Bar-B.

Yup, I was entrusted with the cooking!


Anna (Banana), Michelle and Gugs.

The Gun Show!

All of us!

Anna & Charlie.

Dane having a blast on Gugs Kite.

Dave, Charlie and Anna.

Charlie still hitting the booze.

Michelle & Henry.

Gugs takes off!

But he lands safely!

So Gay.

We turn our back for 2 mins and the boys are straight on the booze, well it was their Birthday!! (Stripy = 2, Woolly = 1)

Well, that was our Christmas day, it was great spending Christmas with everyone, we hadn't seen Henry, Gugs and Michelle in well over a year so it was great to Catch up and swap stories about traveling.

Lots of love

Sean, Charlie, Gugs, Henry and Michelle.

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