Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Before you get too excited, this is just one of those tiny updates I do in between the big ones to keep you interested!! Ive not a huge amount to say so ill tell you some (kinda lame) facts about the blog:

1. We get on average about 18 different people checking it everyday, although some days it can be up to 40-50.

2. There has never been a single day since we left that nobody has looked at the site. (Thanks sis!!)

3. The average time someone spends looking at the site is 4 mins.

4. Charlie does not like the smell of my farts.

5. The reason the blog is popular is because your all fecking nosy.

6. The truth about my terrible written grammar and atrocious spelling has finally caught up with me.

Anyway, Mr Henry Taylor and his lovely sidekick Michelle are arriving into Melbourne this Saturday, and Gordon Kavanagh (AKA Gordo, Gugs, Gugsie) is arriving on monday (Christmas eve), and frankly we are very excited about it!

Christmas day is going to be a BBQ on the beach, so expect some very annoying photos afterwards!

Just so you have something nice to look at, here is a photo I took a couple of years back on Achill Island.

This one was an amazing sunset out at silverstrand in Barna.

Thats God making an appearance over Galway bay.

Thats a whole lot of Cheese at a cheese farm in Liscannor.

And thats us eating pizza on the beach in Salthill. Yup, we rang 4star and said we were on the beach, and about 20mins later a moped pulled up and delivered pizza to us while sitting on the sand. Legend.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope your all having a great time where ever you may be.

Lots of love
Sean & Charlie.

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