Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hello again!!!
There is still no news on my laptop its gonna be a few days at least till I hear back. I have asked the broadband company to cancel my order, and they said they will get back to me and let me know if I can get out of the 12month contract.
We currently have our very first guest staying with us!! Charlies father, Nick Ratcliff has joined us for a few days before he fly's back home. He is spoiling us rotten and has treated us to a few things that we probably could not afford to do for a while!

Like going to the "Telstra Dome" to watch an Aussie rules game!!!!!

Its probably the most famous stadium for Aussie rules and is certainly one of the most impressive!!

The Match was between Carlton and Geelong (The Cats!!), both of which are professional teams from Melbourne (There are 9 altogether from Melbourne!!)

We had great seats and had an amazing view of the entire stadium. (No cheap seats for us!!!)

There is ALOT of rivalry between the teams from Melbourne, so at the drop of a hat they were getting pretty rowdy with each other!!

Sir Nick enjoying his first game at the Telstra Dome!!


Yup, another prick showing off his fancy white Lense...... One day.

Ive never been in a stadium that the roof closes, It was 15' outside, but 21' inside, Personally I think it was a bit of overkill, Now a stadium with a roof on it in Ireland would make sense, but just to keep people warm is taking the piss!!!

Only a Cork man would be throwing headbutts while the ref wasn't looking!! Would you believe that's is Setanta O hAilpin, brother of Sean Og. He played terrible, but was really pissing the guy off he was marking which is great in my book!!

These lads like a bit of rough and tumble, Id say they barely even noticed the ball while they were kicking the crap out of each other.

One thing that was very impressive is that the game is a full 2hrs (4 quarters @ 30min) I was pretty tired after 2 hours of just watching them (while drinking beer), I would hate to guess how they felt.

I decided to support Carlton, who setanta played for while Nick and Charlie choose to support Geelong (What a stupid name for a place) Well, I guess the luck of the Irish was not around as "We" got killed. It was very embarrassing! I was not sure about the game before the visit to the Telstra Dome, but Its actually a great game to watch and is very fast paced, so it has now joined Rugby as the only games Ill actually watch now.

Looking very smug after his team kicked my teams ass....

Well, yesterday was Easter Monday so we decided to go for a walk in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Its totally free and is really really big!

Nick and Charlie.

There is a few lakes in the Park, this is the main one.

This is a bottle tree.

I don't know what this tree is called, but it was very weird looking.


The park is pretty much in the city center, but you would never guess it after 5 minutes in there, Very Peaceful.

Black Swan.


Deadly White tree. (I like this photo!)

Some type of flower.......

Smelling the roses.

Red Flower. (My mum would kill me for not knowing all the names!!)


This is the view from our apartment, I used a special filter to get the sky like that!!

Well, Its back to job hunting again this week, but im sure we will get upto something exciting soon enough, Keep wishing my laptop well, you never know!!

Lots of love

Sean, Charlie (and Nick!!)

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