Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Well folks, I figured since we've been gone for nearly four months it's probably about time you heard from me! I really have no excuse, it's just that a cocktail and a good book win out over staring at a computer screen for hours on end 100% of the time. (I'm afraid I'm not doing it now out of the kindness of my heart, I was "persuaded"!!) Besides, Sean does it so well I really don't see any need to exchange duties with any permenance. Still, there is one piece of advice I will offer him as he settles in for a hard days work sampling the local homebrews at 15cents a glass and some of the beautiful creations from the patisserie here in Hoi An: don't read when you're drunk, it is a pointless and a frustrating experience earning you nothing but a sore head and confusion at your own diminished intelligence. When the words get wavy, give up, put on your headphones and enjoy the cool breeze or the shade of the palms, and order one more!
So, our adventures of late have brought us from mud baths and hot mineral soaks at the hot springs in Nha Trang (with little resistance from Sean at the girlyness of it all) and up the coast by train to Hoi An, the tailors mecca of Asia.

The old part of the town is beautiful and the French colonial influence is evident, particularly along the waterfront.

Cars are prohibited in the French quarter, even the mopeds move at a more respectable pace along the narrow streets. Pedestrians NEARLY take priority.

Just inside that door is a glass cabinet full of some of the most amazing chocolate delicasies I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, there are too many in there to sample in a week, and believe me, I really have tried!

It's a great place to kick back, have an ice coffee Vietnam style and enjoy a bit of the cafe lifestyle.

Another night time riverside view.

There are beautiful boutiques, jewellery shops and many other enticing stores and stalls scattered about the town. Not what a girl needs when funds are having to be carefully monitered and weight limits for flights are in danger of being seriously exceeded (any suggestions about how to ship things to Australia without an address to ship them to are welcome... I really don't want to have to wear everything that won't fit in my bag....customs get suspicious).

Local art fills rooms and then lines the streets outside. Some of the work is beautiful and some a little more obscure, but always worth an afternoon of wandering and just having a look.

There are plenty of good restaurants too, most offer a choice between a shady balcony or a sunny spot on the street.

Needless to say, we took the opportunity to invest in some smarter attire. The prices are crazy (in a good way) and the quality of the finished product is unbelievable. I think the girls fitting us were quite pleased with themselves too, the scruffy, grubby couple that wandered into their shop almost completely transformed after only two days! The service and the end results have both exceeded our expectations.

Pretty slick don't you think?!

I'm really sorry, Sean was trying to make me model....I blame the photographers' direction.

Though a GOOD photographer can work wonders.

It's about the clothes, not me ok.

"Damn, I thought I left those watches in here."

"Nope, not here either."


I'm really quite pleased with myself for this...while my tailor definately did the hard part by making the coat look exactly like my drawing, I did design it myself! Yay me!!

He was quite pleased with himself too (and rightly so). I let him keep the drawing.

Again, apologies for my camera face. Not quite as bad as the one Sean won't take down where I look like a horse facing into the wind, hopefully he'll stop torturing me with it one day.

For some reason the suits made Sean temporarily adopt an English accent. It returned to normal again when he put his shorts back on.

Ah, isn't he lovely!

Or so he'd have you believe...

Pow! Right in the kisser!

Well that's it from me for now. I'd say you might hear from me again in another month or two. For those of you to whom I've promised e-mails, I haven't forgotten you but this may have taken up my alotted computer time for a while.

So bye bye from Hoi An, you'll see us in Hanoi!

Lots of love, Charlie and Sean (but Charlie did all the work this time!!) xx

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Sasha said...

Chick your coat is FAB! Seriously i dont know why there was any doubt in your mind. Its Fabulous Dahling! And the trousers look beautiful, as do your shirts! Fantastic work all round. And well as for yer man, well i suppose i could say that he scrubs up pretty well. Ah go on so Fizzy, you look pretty damn hot in your lovely new get up! But thats the first and last time ill say it! Loving your work folks! xxx