Thursday, January 11, 2007

Funny Story!

While we were in Phnom Penh we got up one day and went and got some breakfast, afterwards we went to a bar that had internet access, Charlie went to get drinks, I wanted a glass of beer and charlie ordered an orange juice. When the waitress dropped down the drinks, my glass of beer was actually a jug of beer (8 glasses of beer!!) Not being one ot complain, we started into it and started playing pool:

After a couple of glasses Charlie started getting very good at pool and started kicking my ass!!

She potted it and won.

After ordering another jug of beer (16 beers!) we were pretty sozzeled and decided to go for a spin around town and maybe take a few photos:

The view from a Tuk Tuk.

Some sort of temple.

Loads of pizza places do "Special Happy" pizza. This means there is a large quantity of Marijuana on the pizza. Its pretty funny watching people wandering out of there looking a bit "confused".

Street Kids, Probably hooked on pizza.........

Up until 1953 Cambodia was a french Colony, It really shows in the way the city is layed out and the style of the buildings, which are just amazing.

Later on we decide to head out for a meal in a place called the FCC:

This is the view from the 3rd floor balcony

It was a pretty swanky place, but its nice to treat ourselves after a hard days drinking!

This is me before the food arrives.


Me after I have eaten! (and drank some more!)

We decided to finish of the night by having a few cocktails and heading to a bar:

Charlie has discovered a very nice cocktail called "Midnight Espresso"

This is the Pontoon bar, Its a really nice place and is actually floating on the (Mekong) river.

Instead of seats they had huge beds which were very comfy and were pretty hard to get out of!!

At some ungodly hour we managed to flag down a Tuk Tuk and went back to our hotel, the journey looked pretty much like this:

We dont really remember much about getting home that night, but the next day we found these photos on my camera......

while it may not have been the most culturally rewarding day we have had on this trip , it was certainly one of the most fun days!!

Hope everyone is keeping well and we miss you all loads, We are currently in Siem Reap and have spent the last 3 days looking around the Angkor Temples (look it up if dont know what they are) It was really really amazing, but we did get up each day at about 4.30am for watch sunrise over a few amazing locations, so we are pretty wrecked, I also managed to take over 1500 photos over the 3 days, I can barly bring myself to look at them, never mind picking out the good ones..... We are heading back to Phnom Penh on Saturday and then onto Vietnam on the 15th. We have officially been away for over 3 months now, The time is flying by and we really need to to a bit more time management as we have just been taking it easy a bit too much and time is slipping away from us and we will soon be looking for accomodation and jobs in Australia...... uuugggghhhhh.

This is us at Angkor Wat.

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