Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick one to keep you up to Date. We are currently in Nha Trang about 400KM north along the coast from Ho Chi Minh City, we got the train over night a few days ago, Its a pretty nice place, a bit bigger than we expected but it has some amazing surrounding countryside. We have decided not to stick up any photos of Angkor Wat in Cambodia because we cant really be arsed looking through them all!! and it doesn't really do the place justice. So what are gonna do is show you what we did the day after spending 3 day in the temples...... Eat and Drink!!!

This is a place called the blue pumpkin, Its a pretty weird place to find in Cambodia, Its very western and funky and you can sit on a bed type thing while eating or using the free wifi. Nice.

I really don't think Ive seen a bigger grin on Charlies face as when this was placed in front of her. It tasted even better than it looks!!

I on the other hand got a bit excited and drank my Chocolate milkshake a bit too fast and got a nasty "brain freeze" as you can see by the nasty twitch that wouldn't go away for the next hour!

After walking around Siem Reap we found the FCC. (same one as the place we went boozing in Phnom Penh)

It would have been rude if we didn't have a jug of beer and a few games of pool!!

Its a pretty fancy place and had a nice pool room:

After 2 jugs we decided to go get some dinner, when we went to pay they only charged us for 1 jug!!! Sweet!!!

Ho Chi Minh.

This is the Holy See Church of the Religion "Cao Dai", Its pretty new religion (1929) and the people who thought of it decided to take the good bits out of a few different religions and mix it all up and make a super religion. The up shot of this is they go bonkers when they make the churches.

The inside was crazy, Check out the long "steps" leading up to the far end of the church, when you join the religion you start on step 1 (of 9) then every 5 years you get to move up a step! Weird.

You are allowed to go up to the balcony and watch. It was a really cool/weird place.

After the Church we went to visit a place called Cu Chi Tunnels, they are 250Km of tunnels that we dug during the Vietnam war (they call it the "American War") by Southern Vietnamese who were Sympathetic to the North Vietnamese fight against the south/America. (I don't really get why they sympathised) but anyway the Americans bombed the crap out the area, but just could not get rid of them as them were 8 meters underground!! Sneaky buggers!!!

Here is me and a US Tank which was destroyed by the Cu Chi people in 1970.

Here is me Scurrying into one of the Tunnels!!

These Tunnels are actually twice the size of the real tunnels, the have made them bigger so Westerners can fit through them! It was very hot, smelly and tiny, I could not imagine the nightmare having to do this while B52's were dropping bombs up above!!

Can you see anything?

Whats this you say?

Its Charlie!!!
This is Charlie coming out of a VC (Viet-Cong) Sniper hole. They used to pop up and kill a few people and then drop down and hide!! Very Smart.

After a hard day of pretending to kill Americans we went and chilled out for a while:

Hammocks are Brilliant.

Not so good when they are thin and you are big.

This old Codger gave us a few tunes on his "Insert proper name here" (I don't know what that's called!)

After relaxing a for a while we went for a nice boat ride around the Mekong delta, I didn't think people actually wore these hats in Vietnam, but they are everywhere.

How cool is that!!

Hope you enjoyed that, we will be leaving Nha Trang on the 25th, heading up to Hoi An, Which is meant to be a really cool little town and THE place to get suits made!! Hope your all well and enjoying yourselves!

Lots of love
Sean and Charlie.

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