Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hello everyone!

We hope everyone one is keeping well, we are both a bit hungover today, we went to a gig last night:

Yup, its a pretty weird name for a band, but we love them!!! We have both been listening to them quite a bit while we were on buses/trains/planes on our travels, I was pretty chuffed that they were playing over here and mentioned it to a guy in work, He then informed me they are actually from Melbourne and have been playing locally for years........ Typical!
Even so it was the first time they have played their hometown in 22 months, in which time they have become very well known all over the world, so it was very much a case of "Local band done good" They even had all their mothers in the crowd!!

This guy was the support act "Muscles", as you can see he was very young but was really really good, just one guy and a few keyboards, very catchy music!!

Then it was the main act!!

I had heard from a few people that they are not very good live as the music is pretty varied and there are loads of instrument being used by the six band members.

But they were brilliant!!

They were going pretty crazy on stage and swapping instruments after most songs, there was even a trumpet for a few of the songs!!

This is the lead singer "Cameron Bird" he has an amazing voice and is a brilliant front man.

He kinda looks like Joe Strummer from the Clash.

By the end of the gig Mr Bird was looking pretty wrecked!! It was such a great show and for $20 (€12) you could not go wrong, especially when it was a 5 min walk from our apartment!! If you like bands like Arcade Fire, Bloc Party you should check out Architecture in Helsinki!!

We went for another one of our strolls on saturday (I was working friday - 4 Day week, its getting pretty tough!!) I was messing around with a new camera lense my (Brillant) Sister, Jacqui sent over a while ago. I was also messing around with the black and white settings of my camera.

Sunset over St. Kilda beach.

Colourless sunset? I quite like it...... Check out all the birds!!!

Charlie leaving me behind to run off to the playground.....

Charlie getting pretty pissed off with the constant stopping to take pictures, especially ones with her in it!

See how cool Black and white photos are, thats just a picture of a street, yet it kinda looks cool!!

Charlie on a bench. Even she likes that photo of herself.

The lense that Jacqui sent over is a great lense, but its a "Prime" lense which means it doesnt zoom, so we had to try and squeeze our heads into the shot! Charlie stealing the limelight.... typical.

Dont worry, soon my giant head bashed hers out the way........ Much better.

Well we finally got to the playground and kicked all the kids off the rides... this thing is crazy, its on rollers and the blue ring spins around on the posts, Its off center so its very hard to stay upright but I managed (Just about) While we were playing on this a homeless guy wandered over and started watching us and started smiling at us falling around the place, He asked were we married, I said that we were not, he then said that we should be!!!!! While it was a nice thing to hear, I dont think im going to break my rule of not taking "life advice" from homeless people.......

Time to go.....

Sean & Charlie

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