Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for all the kind emails and messages about my doggy, I didn't think it would effect me as much as it did, but it kinda made me miss home and my family as well, but all is well now and I know he had a brilliant life (He was spoilt rotten!!)

Well, we have been up to quite abit this week, Charlie has a job!!! She dropped her CV into an Outdoor shop called Altitude ( and got a call about an hour later!! She had an interview the next day and they offered her the job on the spot!!! She starts in a couple of weeks, so she has a bit of time off to actually enjoy herself, not having to worry about money/jobs/CV's.....

Everything is falling into place at 5/236 Canterbury Road, Ive been told that my full-time training for assistant manager will start after next week, so more hours (boo, 3 day weeks rule!!), More money (Yay, can afford to buy steak now!!!)

One thing that I don't want to happen is to get into a boring routine of working and just lounging round the apartment. So on my days off, we go exploring, this is St. Kilda east's beach.

We found this marina with loads of cool boats, I loved these Jet skis!!

Charlie was turning her nose up at these "Stinkboats", Its a yacht or nothing for Charlie. (Ohh, La Di Da!!!)

Further down the coast is a headland, with an amazing view of the whole bay.

I'm sitting on a bench taking a break, Charlie's stomping her feet wanting to keep walking.....

I win and we head back towards St. Kilda, This is the Entrance to Luna Park, It's a very famous landmark of Melbourne and looks so cool!

Luna park is famous for its entrance and this old school Roller coaster, It was made in 1912, but refurbished in 1999. Pretty cool huh?

This face kinda freaks Charlie out, especially at night, but I love it!

Just up the road from our building is a busy intersection, well a few days ago, a car lost control coming down our road and hit a concrete lamp post and knocked it over onto the other side of the road, it was pretty lucky that no-one was there as it would have crushed a car if it had hit it.

It was pretty impressive to see the response time to the emergency services, they were on the scene in under 5mins.

The driver turned out to be drunk and got locked up. It was like watching an episode of "COPS", Very exciting!! (kinda)

Guess what we went to yesterday?

A Rodeo!!! Its not something that I would normally have gone to, but Nick (Charlies dad) seen a few adverts for it while he was over here, and kindly bought us tickets to it!! Well, I have to thank him as it was really cool! One of those things everyone should see at least once in their life!

Bloody Hippies. (Ill show them Cruelty!!!)

It was inside the Vodafone Arena and was a pretty big set-up!

The crowd were a mix of cityslickers and country folk ("Rednecks" or as the Aussies call them "Bogans") These are cityslickers dressed-up as rednecks with a toy gun.

Ive never seen as many cowboys hats in my life! (well maybe the Gay Pride parade in Galway!)

I have no Idea what he was doing, but he looked very funny!

This is bareback bronco riding.

Its pretty hard.

The horses were truely amazing. So strong and fast.

Sore Ass? Id say so!

The way it basically works is that you have to stay on for at least 8 seconds to register a score, and then its done on style and how well you control yourself!

In between the rides, there were Rodeo Clowns making silly jokes, but they made me laugh!

I wonder how this guy gets on?

Horse wins again.

How about this woman?

Nope, She eats dirt. Hard.

A Cowboy.

This guy was amazing, the control he had over these horses was stunning, he could put them anywhere and they would not flinch while he rode around them!

He could even get one horse to walk over another, Id had never seen anything like that, it was seriously impressive.


These pictures do not show just how big that bull is, it was MASSIVE!

These are considered the real cowboys, the bull riders, Lets see how they get on:

Ohhh, Not doing too well.

Not him either...... Ouch.

That's a nasty head-plant. Cruelty to animals? Not a chance.

These guys are meant to get the bull away from the rider (the guy falling away from the bull at the bottom), but the guy in red got more than he bargained for. He went flying!!

Will we get a guy who will actually stay on?

Yay!!! He made the 8 seconds and got a decent score!! It was such a brilliant show, better than I though it would have been!! If you ever get a chance, go!! Thanks again Nick!!

On the way home we went via the city Center and I took a couple snaps of Flinders Street Station, Its another Melbourne Icon and looks great at night.

Its massive aswell and stretches for about 3 blocks.

Thats the main entrance and is really cool looking.

Thanks for checking out the blog!
We hope everyone is well back home and is enjoying the good weather (or so I have been told)

Lots of Love
Sean & Charlie.

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