Friday, December 01, 2006

Hello Everyone,
We are now in Ko Tao and loving it here..... We were kinda sad to leave Ko Phangan as we really really liked it there, But we got the boat over on Monday morning, The crossing was amazing, the water was just sooo flat.....

Check out Charlie looking all stylish .......

Just look how calm the sea was......

The boat took 1Hr and we got chatting to a guy who worked for a diving resort, I liked his moxy and the price was very good and even the accommodation was included in the price........ (the other dive centres didn't seem as professional and they were pretty pricey!)

This is me on my first day, looking pretty happy with myself, because I had managed to clear my mask of water while underwater (by blowing air from my nose into my mask btw!), without freaking out. (the first 2 times I swallowed most of the pool and nearly drowned, which was not cool)

Here is a cool rock formation around the coast of Ko Tao (look closely at the houses on the bottom left to see how big it is...) The reason diving is so popular here is the island has amazing visibility and has about 30 world class dive sites within a 5 min boat journey. instead of sand and silt the surrounding sea floors are mainly rock, so that's why is sooo clear.

This is one of the instructors "Jimmy" he was really sound and we were the first group of students to be certified by him, (Don't worry mum, there were 2 other dive instructors with us and they were all very capable) Also the lucky bastard spotted a 12 meter Whale Shark (The largest fish around) a couple of days before we arrived..... Other instructors have been diving these waters for 9 years and have not seen one!!

Obviously my camera doesn't work under water, so you're kinda stuck with boring shots of air tanks and the crew of the boat. Sorry.

Well, we finished up today and I am now a qualified "PADI Open water Diver", I'm pretty chuffed with myself as I had to overcome a few things that have always bothered my about scuba diving, especially the whole taking off you mask while really deep, putting it back on again and then clearing it again and not freaking out. Well I did that today at 18 meters down without too much trouble (I even had a pair of sunglasses on for a photo!!)
everything else came really easily and Its just such a cool thing to do, I'm pretty much hooked and I'm going to do the next stage called advanced open water in the next few days, Which includes a 30 meters dive (100Ft) and a night dive and you even get to use a underwater propulsion unit (The James bond gadget!!)

The down side of all this is I wont be taking much photos and I'm bloody wrecked at the end of every day so I wont be updating this for few days.......

Hope your all keeping well and please keep the emails coming as they mean alot to us!!

Lots of Love


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