Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Guess what I seen today?

Ill give you a hint:


Since I woke up today, I've swam with a 6M whale shark, an fairly big octopus, a bloody massive reef shark which came a bit too close for my liking, barracuda, puffa fish, yellow box fish (very cool) and to finish it off while I was doing my night dive we swam into the most amazing phosphorescence, which was very colourful and distracted me for about 10mins untill I realised I was just sitting on the seafloor waving my hands about looking stupid!!! But the highlight was the whale shark, I was in the water about 30 seconds and everyone had there head under water looking at something, I popped on my mask and there directly below me was the biggest fucking fish Ive ever seen, I just cant imagine how big the really big ones are if that was a "small" one.......... We totally lucked out as by the time we came back to shore, the whole dive resort knew and were waiting for us to come back and tell them all about it!! I feel pretty lucky after my 5th dive to have seen one of the rarest fish around!! Now just to find the big suckers!!

Hope your all well, more stories and photos to follow when I finished my advanced course tomorrow and have the time!!

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