Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hello again, Thanks for everyone who has sent us emails, its deadly to hear from you all, so keep them coming and people who have not sent any, well, you better have a good excuse......

This is quite a big entry, so get comfy and give it your full attention. I think I've said this before, but if you click on the pictures, it will show them slightly larger.

Since the last time we moved from Ao Nang to Krabi town (just down the road abit!) and we stayed there for about 3 nights, Its not a very nice looking town, but it does have a certain character that we liked, not too sure if it was the giant rats in the streets or the stinky street stalls but, its a kinda likable town, anyway the place we were staying in was made of wood and was on a main street, so instead of a good nights sleep, we were kept awake by the sound of very large trucks, who's engines sounded like smalls nuclear reactors...... very bloody loud, one nice thing did happen in Krabi town, it just happened to be a full moon and there was a local festival that basically wishes away the monsoon season and welcomes the good weather, so everyone (us included) goes down to the river and places a little handmade "flower floating thing" (I cant remember the name, just look at the photos below) into the water and watch it float away, it has incense on it and a little candle, which when there are loads of them floating down the river, look cool.

Here is our room in Krabi Town, it wasn't that bad, but the sound of the traffic was just insane!!

This is that "flower floating thing" I was talking about. They make them in the days coming up to the festival, very cool looking. (also, Charlie will be available for hand modelling when we return to Ireland!!)

After Krabi we got the bus (3 hrs) across the mainland to the east coast to another small town called Surat Thani, which is basically another crappy town you pass through to get somewhere nice, well that somewhere nice is an Island called Ko samui about an hour off the east coast of Thailand, its pretty big, about the same size as the isle of white, It has a few really nice beach's, but its also alot more touristy and there is alot of seedy bars and McDonald's/KFC/Pizza huts (not that I'm complaining about easy access to a big mac now and then!) but we were really lucky when we picked our place to stay, its on a smaller beach and away from the main road, so the only sound we hear at night is the sound of crashing waves!! I also really like it as there is a sweet little pool over looking the sea, which is handy as the sea is fairly rough at the moment and dangerous, so I can get my daily swim (or 5) in. Check it out:

Oh yeah, and its also only 5 euros a night to stay here...

One thing which I'm very impressed with is that the whole island is covered in wireless Internet access, so for a tenner, you get access to broadband where ever you maybe!! It sure as hell beats trying to do this in Internet cafes....

Normally we travel around to beach's and stuff by local buses, but they are very unreliable and have left us at the mercy of taxis (10 times the price) plenty of times so, because the island is fairly big, I decided to get myself a "HOG":

Its 3 euros a day, which is a bargain especially when they make you look so cool and manly......

I was gonna go for a bigger model, but the steering was a bit "wooden"..... (I'm sooo sorry)

Yesterday, we went to a beach called "Big Buddha beach" well they have a pretty good reason for calling it that:

He/She/It was bloody massive and covered in Gold.

Here is a slightly fancier shot, It was a really cool place, you had to be quiet and respectful and not "act the maggot" but typically there were a few people around the place who didn't get where they were and ran around and generally were rude and not respecting the monks.

I paid that monk 2 euros to stand there for this photo....... (only messin' it was 20cent!! the sucker!) (I really hope Buddha doesn't read blogs.....)

Across the road from the Buddha was a very confusing group of figures in the water, Ive tried my best to establish what was going on:

The little guy seems to be heading off to work (on his dragon/fish/horse) and that's his wife waving him off (It must be a tough relationship, unless I'm grossly mistaken about mermaids)

This cheerful old Codger is waving him off as well. (Just out of shot is a naked Fred flintstone).

Right, enough messing.

Waterfalls. I hope you like them, because by the end of this you'll probably be sick of looking at them.. Today we went for a spin to the center of the island around an area that has a few cool waterfalls, Ive never really seen a big waterfall, so I was pretty excited, the day turned out to be my favorite day so far (we have now been away for 1 month!!), We went deep into the jungle and got muddy and got to climb and scramble up the side of a huge waterfall.

This is actually a smaller one at the side of the big one, the colours were crazy and the water was very cold (Or so charlie tells me..)

The big waterfall was a 9 tier waterfall, so you cant actually get the whole thing in a single photo, but what you can do is climb up the side of it with the help of a nice guide and see the main tiers or pools the water travels through,

When I said climb, I meant it, behind charlie is what we were going up, its was really cool hanging onto vines and ropes, you could hear the roar of the water but you couldn't see it till you got to the top, which was deadly.

This is one of the tiers, each one was massive and loud!!

The guide who was helping us, mainly stayed with charlie making sure she was OK, thinking she was the least able of the two of us....... He was totally wrong as I was slipping and sliding everywhere while charlie was hopping from rock to rock with the grace of a ballet dancer (while wearing flip flops!!)

This was one of the coolest tiers. It was very high up and the jungle enclosed it and just made it look really special.

The view from the top was breathtaking, We knew we had climbed loads, but we didn't realise how high we were up over the island.

This is the little pool at the very top of the waterfall, the guide just stripped down to his boxers and hopped in, so both myself and charlie followed suit and jumped into the pool. The water was a weird grey from all the minerals in it, which is meant to be very good for your skin and hair, there were even small fish who started having a nibble at charlie, how they got this far up a waterfall is beyond me....

Both myself and charlie swam into that cave under the waterfall (using that very handy rope) and got drenched by it, its a serious amount of pressure, slightly more than a blast from a power shower.....

This is charlie running away with a local boy.... It took me a while to catch them, but don't worry, they wont find his body....... Only messing, this was our very nice guide.

On the way back down, the sun was just setting and it just looked amazing.

Well, that was our last few days, hope you liked looking at it.

Oh, I nearly forgot, my mammy wanted a picture of me so here I am on a long tail boat:

I hope everyone is keeping well and keep the emails coming and If anyone wants my bank details for any particular reason *cough, birthday* 16Th November* Cough* just let me know......

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