Sunday, August 31, 2008

Well, well, well, Its been a while. Its going to be tough doing a blog without the glamour of living in a van, or the terror of jumping off very high things or even that bright thing that sometimes appears in the sky, what's it called again? The Sun? yeah, that's it, I've almost forgotten what it feels like to have the sun hitting my skin since I've been home..... Grrrr...

Anywho, lets see how this goes:

That's Charlie relaxing in our suite in Radisson hotel in Dublin the day we arrived back in Ireland.

We were not betraying our "poor traveller" ways, I had vouchers that I won from work in Galway, so we blew the whole lot on 1 night in a fancy suite and on room service!

The hotel staff looked at us a bit funny when we turned up with our rucksacks looking a bit worse for wear after 28hrs of travelling, but after we got in the room I don't think we left it, apart from getting ice for the Champagne!

Not bad if I say so myself!

The view, not bad for Dublin city.

You caught a glimpse of him in the last update, this is Oscar, Our brilliant new doggy! He is sizing me up on our lawn down home in Galway

I have no idea how Charlies hair did that, but Oscar seems to like it!

Daddy-O taking it easy!

My mammy and myself! With huge help from Jacqui we managed to Trick Mum and Dad into thinking we were coming home a week later than we actually were, so when myself and Charlie walked in the drive of the house a week early, both of them were pretty shocked to see us standing there!! The look of shock their faces was priceless!!

The Terror that is Caitlin!! This is my little niece, I use the word little, but she is 10 years old and is taller than Charlie!! She will be borrowing her Charlies clothes soon given half the chance!

My Family minus Jacqui, actually I've just noticed that she is not in a single photo on this update.... Ill have to rummage around and get one!

Like father, like son. My belly is coming along nicely as you can see, although it make take a few more years to get to the size of my Dads!

Oscar enjoying the beach down the road!

Me, pretending its sunny!

Before we arrived back home, we had decided to move to Dublin. So after a few weeks living off the folks we moved up and Sash and Gugs very kindly offered to take us in, so it was job hunting time!

I fell into a rhythm of waking up and playing Grand Theft Auto for most of the day and then emailing my CV to jobs I found online......... You may laugh, but things turned out great and I am now gainfully employed in the above building on Merrion Sq. (and I have completed Grand Theft Auto!)

While I was at work, Gugs and Charlie with a little help from Nix, got down to doing a bit of D.I.Y, mainly repainting this wall!

Nix and Gugs.

Sash and Charlie


This little terror is Fionn, who is Gug's Nephew. We took him down to the beach to play with the kites!

After a few minutes he was flying like a champion!

Unlike myself........

Now this place is special, In a secret location in the west of Ireland, there is a lake, and on this lake there is an Island, and on this island is a very old house......

Every now and then, a group of us get together and head down to "The Island" for a week of good food, good wine (and every other type of alcholic drink!) to just to get away from everything.

Min getting her cook on!

Chilling by the fire.

TV is a not allowed on the island, so after a good meal Jenga is a must!



Sash's big pink kite.

Minny Winehouse.

Some local dog barking up the wrong kite........ I'm here all week folks.......

Our transport across to the island.

The boats have seen better days, but they are still going strong.

Sash trying not to get wet!

Its not too far across, but the lake has a lot of rocks just under the surface so if you don't know the route, your in trouble.

Marc & Sean.

Sean Flynn.

Nix Williams.

Nix trying out the carve board we got Gugs for his birthday.

Charlie. It was a blast down the island, as always!

Now, Im gonna leave a few things for the next update, but this is Charlie doing Falconry for Charlie & Rosie's Birthday!! How cool is that!!

Sean & Charlie

I would like to mention one last thing, a really cool Italian girl who we met in Wanaka in New Zealand (the girl who ordered the salmon pizza!!) called Marianne was killed in a bus crash in Africa recently. We only met her a couple of times, but she was a great person and its a horrible waste of such a young life. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

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