Wednesday, August 15, 2007

10 Months.

Its been over 10 months since we left Ireland. When I think back to that morning, leaving Sasha's house for the Airport. Its seems like a few weeks ago, but when I think of all the places we have been and the things we have seen since that day, The time seems to stretch out....

Obviously things have slowed down for us, weeks are flying by and we are getting kinda comfy here, Just working away and doing normal stuff, but we know we will be moving on in the near future (Mr immigration says we got to leave by 10/03/08), so whenever we buy anything of significance, We either have to think: Can we sell it before we leave? or How much is that gonna cost to post to Ireland?

We don't really know what we are gonna do in March, If we have enough money (and my mammy lets me stay away any longer!!!) we might go home via Japan-China-Eastern Europe, but obviously we want to see Australia while we are here, so we may save up our cash and just travel around here and New Zealand? It might be an Idea to work right up until march, and then go to New Zealand for a while and then re-enter Australia on a Tourist Visa and do some traveling then? Who Knows?

Well, enough of the future, here is something we did last week:

We went to yet another gig!! Now I'm sure your getting a little sick of seeing random photos of people, who most of you probably have no idea about, but its tough luck!!

This time its "Hot Chip", Who are one of my favorite bands of the last few years, I remember arriving at the Electric picnic Festival in 2005 and running from the car park (leaving all my mate behind because they didn't know/like them) to catch them, but the pricks had swapped time slots with a DJ and I missed them, But they returned the year after and were great!!!

The tickets were bought ages ago, the day after was booked off from work, so we could get sloshed!!!!

That's a very strong rum. (Who likes Charlies new fringe?)

This is the Bubblebeez, Never heard of them before.

They were pretty good, but we were just glad to be right up the front, the venue is just down the road from us and is TINY, kinda like a bar, but they get loads of gigs!! Its great for Charlie as she can see whats going on, which never happens back home.

To finish the set the lead singer jumped up and fell on the ground, which was very dramatic, except he then had to get back up and pack up his equipment, which kinda ruined the spectacle!

Hot Chip. Most bands are obviously 3/4 guys: 2 guitars, Bass and Drums, but Hot Chip are 5 guys on Synthesizers, with the odd guitar on some songs. I think that guys name is Owen.

That's Joe, Charlie thinks this guy is great, he has a pretty cool voice, and well you cant really argue with a beard like that. Respect.

This is Alexis, the lead singer, Basically he is tiny and jumps up and down quiet a bit.

This is Felix, Its pretty cool seeing a band live that you have been listening to for ages, both myself and Charlie listen to them loads while were traveling.

For 5 guys behind Synthesizers, they are actually pretty animated! Not that you can tell as this is just a photo, but you get the idea......

Charlie HATES his glasses, I really didn't think it was the right time to be discussing his eye-wear as he was about 4ft from us.

Such even growth.......

"Just ignore her, I think they suit you....."

They played a few new songs from an upcoming album which can sometimes be a bit annoying as the crowd doesn't know them yet, but they were brilliant and the place was lapping it up!

Felix playing with his hair........ Looks like he is having the time of his life.....

Its pretty hard to describe what a band is like live, So I took a short video clip of them, Now I'm guessing most of you (older) people wont know them and this will probably sound like a Internet dial-up modem being played very loud, but we love them:

"Beach Party" From Coming on Strong.

Anyone who does know Hot Chip, knows this sounds kinda different than the album version!!

Well, Sorry if this has been boring for non Hot Chip fans, but we are off doing something cool in a couple of days for Charlies 29th birthday (23/08) and will have pictures and an update soon after.

Missing everyone
Sean and Charlie.

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alex said...

great photos - loving the new fringe charlo!

by the way - i think "owen" hot chip is actually Al Doyle - he also plays guitar for a little band called lcd soundsystem.