Monday, July 02, 2007

How ya now!

Well I hope you're all doing well wherever you may be!

1st things first, Happy Birthday DAD!!! I know it was yesterday but I had not gone through my photos and picked the good ones yet!! I hope you had a great day and mum and Jackie spoiled you rotten, you deserved it!

What's more boring than doing your laundry? Watching your girlfriend do hers....... (Mine's still good from that clean a few weeks back)

We don't have any washing machines in our apartment and buying them doesn't make much sense when the local laundry is so cheap.

These dryers are so big, Charlie had to almost climb into it to get her socks back,

Yup, trying to make boring everyday things look good again......

This is Acland St, it's the slightly cooler end of St. Kilda. There are loads of cafes, bars and independent shops. It also has the highest concentration of bakeries I've ever seen on one street, Charlie says you put on weight just walking past them......

How cool is that!!

There were loads of other things to take pictures of on Acland St, but I had to carry home a clothes-rack, so it stops there.....

That evil looking stadium spewing out steam is called the Melbourne cricket ground, or the MCG, or "The G", Aussies like to abbreviate everything, it can take a bit of getting used to. It doesn't really bother me too much, but it can spark Charlie off something crazy!!

Well all that steam is coming from 85,000 All Blacks (New Zealand) and Wallabies (Australia) fans!!!

Yup, Charlie the little legend bought me a Tickets ($$$) to my first ever International Rugby match.

This is Obviously the Haka, which is an amazing way to start a match, especially as myself and Charlie were supporting the All Blacks.

The game was part of the Tri-nations, but the Cup is called the Bledisloe Cup.

I thought the Telstra dome was massive, but the capacity of the MCG is just under 100,000 people!!!

We had great seats, thanks to Charlie splashing out on them!!

This is the All Blacks missing a pretty crucial kick......

Now I'm not gonna pretend that I'm a know-it-all on the subject of rugby, but the All-blacks are often considered to be on a different level to most other rugby teams, but as we were about to find out, if it bleeds, it can be killed.

The first half was dominated by the all blacks, but it was not a very fluid half, lots of unforced errors, knock-ons and pretty much every scrum ended in a free/penalty. It was not what I was expecting from 2 world class teams.

Although I cant fault the Aussies for an atmosphere, the place was electric!!

I don't know if it was the fact that they had not fully recovered from South Africa last week, but the all blacks looked pretty slow and tired.

Line outs always impress me, its crazy just how high they get!!

Oh, what happened to your fancy lens? Drop it did ya? Ooohhhh, I don't see any brown tape holding my lens together.....

Half time!!

*Please, please, please*

No turning back.... He missed it and to me it was the turning point of the game (along with an "unfortunate" sin-binning!)

Lost it to the Wallabies.....

you will notice the hats, it was pretty cold that night, nearly got down the 13', Chilly!!!

Lost that one too...... and it lead to a try

Waiting for the kick, id say most NZ fans were feeling pretty sick about now......

Straight between the posts.

And that was that, the crowd went bloody insane (Could you blame them!!) but we were a bit disappointed in New Zealand, well actually a bit disappointed in both teams, I cant help feeling that Ireland would have walked over both teams that night, hell with the amount of mistakes that were made, Connacht would have had a fair chance.......

The Rugby world cup is in September in France, and after seeing the "Mystical" All Blacks, it just makes things a little bit more interesting come September, to paraphrase myself "If it bleeds, We can kill it"

Lets hope we do!!

Sean & Charlie


Anonymous said...

Hey Stripy, I bet these blokes don't wear rabbit-skin slippers,

Anonymous said...

Hey Nibbler, just wanted to put your mind at rest and let you know that the offending slippers are most certainly not rabbit skin, they are the cheapest imaginable man-made disgrace I have ever had the misfortune to encounter! Anyway, miss having you around...there are too many elephants in the bed.
Stripy stripy stripy.
Take it easy, your good friend, Stripy.