Saturday, February 24, 2007


Well, We found a pub in Chiang mai called the Un-Irish pub which was packed and was showing the match on a huge TV (pretty rare over here) There was an amazing atmosphere in the bar as loads of Brits (boo!) arrived in to watch the game with us. Well everything was going great till half time till the cops came into the bar and made them turn off the TV and kick everyone out of the pub. (it was 1.10am) (Just imagine trying to kick out Irish rugby fans out of a pub while they are kicking England's ass - not an enviable job) After about 200 angry rugby fans being ejected out onto the street, rumours were heard about a "late night" bar that had a TV, after a quick tuk tuk ride with some weird old guy who knew the way (and who just kept laughing for no reason) we ended up in a dodgy looking bar that had an even bigger TV than the first bar.

Today is about as good as its gets.


by the way its 5.40am and we are very drunk, hope this spells good.......... God bless you Ireland.

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